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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Best Cookies Ranked (February 2023)

We have ranked all Cookie Characters, with S-Tier being the best to C-Tier being the poor.

Looking for a Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List? Then you have landed at the right place. Since its release, the action role-playing gacha game has received a lot of attention. It is the sixth installment in the Cookie Run series and probably the one that players like the most. Hence, many players have been looking for a Tier List that separates the best cookies from the worst ones. With the help of this, players can plan quickly as they look to progress further in the game. Having the best Cookies will also help you when you have to battle others. So if you want to have the best ones for yourself, we recommend you check out this Tier List and see which ones you should have.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Ranked Best to Worst (February 2023)

Best to Worst Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

It might be quite obvious but we will still mention it. S Tier cookies denote some of the best ones and D Tier denotes the worst ones. The cookies in Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C can be composed in different PvE or PvP teams. Having said that, we don’t want you to wait anymore so, here’s the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List ranked best to worst.

S Tier

Here are all the S Tier Cookies that you can get in CRK:

  • Espresso Cookie
  •  Latte Cookie
  • Herb Cookie
  • Milk Cookie
  • Vampire Cookie
  • Licorice Cookie

A Tier

In Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, the following are the A Tier ranked cookies:

  • Financier Cookie
  • Oyster Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Wildberry Cookie
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie
  • Tea Knight Cookie
  • Candy Driver Cookie

B Tier

Here are all the B Tier ranked cookies from this Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List:

  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie
  • Raspberry Cookie
  • Strawberry Crepe
  • Cream Puff Cookie
  • Mala Sauce Cookie
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie
  • Affogato Cookie
  • Black Raisin Cookie
  • BTS
  • Tiger Lily Cookie

C Tier

In the CRK Tier List, these are the cookies that are ranked in the C Tier:

  • Squid Ink Cookie
  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Sparkling Cookie
  • Sonic Cookie
  • Tails Cookie
  • Almond Cookie
  • Sorbet Cookie
  • Shark Cookie
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie
  • Pastry Cookie
  • Mint Choco Cookie
  • Mango Cookie

D Tier

Lastly, here come the D Tier cookies in this Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List:

  • Red Velvet Cookie
  • Purple Yam Cookie
  • Pomegranate Cookie
  • Chilli Pepper Cookie
  • Fig Cookie
  • Werewolf Cookie
  • Kumiho Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie
  • Lilac Cookie

There you have it, the best to worst cookies. Hopefully, you can now build the best team composition for yourself.

With that, the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List concludes. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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