How To Get Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns In TOTK (Location Guide)

Use this guide to collect Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horns in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and then use them for an upgrade, cooking, or fusing.

Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are among the items players can use to gain cold advantages and heat resistivity. There are several clothing pieces that use this for upgrades, such as Frostbite Headdress, Frostbite Shirt, Desert Voe Trousers, Desert Voe Headband, and many more. So use this guide to get Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns for cooking, fuse, and upgrade benefits in Zelda TOTK.

How to Find Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

 Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns In Zelda TOTK

Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns are one of the three items dropped by Ice-Breath Lizalfos in TOTK. The other two items that this creature drops are Lizalfos Talon and Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail. Both of these materials are necessary for some armor upgrades. Now coming back to the Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horns, the creature that gives the item mostly resides in cold climates. It is commonly found in Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands.

In Gerudo Highlands, you can easily find them in Mystathi’s Shelf. And in the Hebra Mountains, you can reach them near Eutoum Shrine (-3507, 3570, 0401). Apart from these locations, you will also find them in Lanayru Range, near Zakusu Shrine (3526, -1482, 0182), and near U-nazohso Lightroot.  You might also stumble on them while exploring Depth of TOTK.

There are two types of Breath Lizalfos: Ice and Fire. The fire one appears during the day and Ice-Breath Lizalfos can be found at night. Both of these Breath Lizalfos can be hunted from the same locations. You should start a fire nearby and set the time for morning, noon, and night to hunt both attributes Lizalfos.

These were all the prime locations to hunt and get Ice Breath Lizalfos Horns in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The game is filled with creatures that drop such items, like Electric Lizalfos and Razorclaw Crabs, so check out our other TOTK guides.