Where To Find Razorclaw Crabs In TOTK

There are several coastlines across Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. These water bodies are also home to several sea creatures. One of the rarest creature types that you can find is the Razorclaw Crabs. They have incredibly sharp yellow pincers and turquoise-colored shells. You can catch Razorclaw Crabs and use them in various recipes as they help increase Link’s Attack Power. So, where can you go looking around for these crabs? Our guide will show you where to find Razorclaw Crabs in TOTK.

Where to Find Razorclaw Crabs in Zelda TOTK

razorclaw crabs location tears of the kingdom

The shorelines of the Lanayru Sea or the Necluda Sea are the best places to find Razorclaw Crabs in TOTK. You will spot them near the water or close to the rocks on the beach. Keep in mind to approach the Razorclaw Crabs stealthily by crouch-walking. They will run helter-skelter if you don’t practice caution. However, you can still catch up with these crabs as they are not that quick. But using this method will take you more time and will also result in Link losing more stamina.

You may also find Ironshell Crabs along the way. Remember to not confuse them with Razorclaw Crabs. Ironshell Crabs have red-covered shells and are more common while Razorclaw Crabs have a blue shell. Apart from the Lanayru and Necluda Sea, you can also get this rare crab at various other locations in Hyrule. Here are the best spots to find Razorclaw Crabs in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Clarnet Coast (2755, -3887, 0001)
  • Lanayru Bay (3782, -0708, 0020)
  • Afromsia Coast (4610, -1906, 0000)
  • Martha’s Landing (1200, -3665, 0005)

That’s all you need to know about where to find Razorclaw Crabs in TOTK. So, go ahead and use these rare crabs in your favorite recipes and boost Link’s Attack. To learn about all the different recipes and how to cook, check out this complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Cooking Recipes Book. If you are eager in building a new house for Link, then check out the best Zelda TOTK House Designs.