All Electric Lizalfos Location In Zelda TOTK

In Tears Of The Kingdom, players will come across many different enemy types including the Electric Lizalfos. These creatures are electric type and are different from other Lizalfos or Stalizalfos in the game. They drop a handful of items that players can use to give Link some buffs throughout their campaign. As they are not very common across Hyrule it might be tricky to find them. And if you are someone in search of these creatures, here is our guide on all Electric Lizalfos Locations in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find Electric Lizalfos in Zelda TOTK

electric lizalfos in zelda totk
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Electric Lizalfos prefer desert or wetlands areas of Hyrule as their natural habitat. Players can come across these creatures in the Gerudo Desert/Highlands, Faron Grasslands, and Lanayuru Wetlands regions of the game. As they are electric enemy type having a terrain with pools of water can add to their advantage. They can also be found patrolling enemy campsites. Players will have to make sure they have the right weapons at their disposal while facing them as they shoot a burst of electric charge. This can shock Link and in the process make him drop his weapon.

To avoid getting shocked, players can get their hands on the Rubber Armor which negates electric attacks. As they take their time to attack, you can avoid their attacks while dodging carefully. Once defeated players can get their hands on their Horns, Talons, or their Tail. These items can then be used to fuse weapons or brew elixirs in the game which helps in providing Link with buffs and resistances.

That is everything covered on where you can find Electric Lizalfos in Zelda TOTK. And if you are someone on a quest to find the elemental dragons like Farosh & Naydra in the game check out our guide on the topics right here on Gamer Tweak

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