How To Wipe In Type Soul – Answered

Wish to Wipe your character’s Race in Type Soul? Here’s how you can make it possible.

In Type Soul, you start as a Lost Soul and then go on to select a Race for further progression. Every Race offers you exclusive abilities, weapons, and armor. So if you select any particular Race, you will be bound to those skills for the rest of your playthrough. Unless you figure out how to Wipe your character’s Race. This is a lesser-known process that allows you to select a new Race without having to start another playthrough. More importantly, wiping gives you a chance to create new character builds but at a cost. So to learn how to Wipe in Type Soul, check out our guide below.

Here’s How to Wipe in Type Soul

You must have to spend a Soul Ticket in order to Wipe your character’s Race in Type Soul. Soul Ticket can either be bought for 500 Robux or by completing Karakura Town Raids. Since most players won’t prefer the first method, you can go for the Raids. You can beat Bawabawa and Jidanbo Boss Fights for a chance to earn a Soul Ticket. But the chances aren’t that good, so you might have to repeat it multiple times.

Anyway, once you have managed to obtain a Soul Ticket, you can Wipe in Type Soul by going to the Menu. So press the “N” key to open the Menu. There, you will get the option to Wipe at the bottom. Click on it and confirm to finally Wipe your character’s Race. Remember, you will lose all the abilities, weapons, etc. that came along with the Race. So think twice before doing it.

That’s all you can do to Wipe in Type Soul. Aside from this, if you want a perfect build for any of your favorite Races like Quincy or Arrancar then we have guides on them. Feel free to access them on your website.