How To Beat Bawabawa in Type Soul (Boss Guide)

Want the items that Bawabawa drops upon defeat in Type Soul? Here is its location.

Are you looking to beat Bawabawa in Type Soul to get a Soul Ticket? Then look no further, in this guide you can find out everything you must know about it. This is a snake-like boss that spawns in Hueco Mundo. It has a purple body with bones as armor for its chest and a large bone in the shape of a spear for its tail. As for its head, it has two horns and a human-like mouth.
Since this game is based on Bleach, this boss is an actual character from the series. Although unlike here, it is not against our heroes in the anime. As this boss is not following the series completely, you will need to defeat it if you plan to farm money and Exp. So below is the spawn location where you can find Bawabawa in Type Soul and all the rewards it drops.

Where to Find Bawabawa in Type Soul? (Spawn Location & Timer)

Beat Bawabawa in Type Soul

Bawabawa is a boss that spawns in Hueco Mundo, typically near this dark pond-like area where there are fallen or dead trees. Check the above image for reference. Look for a white marker in Hueco Mundo to get its precise location. If it doesn’t spawn there you can check out the other 3 corners of the map.

Now, as for its spawn times, it spawns every 1 hour 30 minutes of in-game time, that is “XX:00” or “XX:30”. For example, if it is 3 O’clock for you, but it is 2:45 as per in-game time. Then you won’t be able to fight it, simply because it is not its spawn time yet. But if it is 3:00 or 4:30 in-game, then the boss should or must have already spawned.

How to Beat Bawabawa in Type Soul

The best way to defeat Bawabawa is to attack it with long-range moves. Because despite its massive size it has plenty of moves that can strike you quickly. And if you are not leveled up enough, these attacks can easily chip away half of your health if not one-shot you.

This problem solves when you spam attacks from a distance. Since you are safe, you don’t have to worry about getting hit or losing your health. Some of the moves it uses in the fight are:

  • Tail whip: It will whip its tail in an attempt to hit the players with its bone spear tip.
  • Head smash: It will smash its head on the ground, attacking any players in front of him.
  • Coil up: It will coil up in an attempt to crush any players too close to its body.

Bawabawa Boss Reward Drops

Bawabawa has a chance to drop any of the following items. Do note that since these are items of Mythic and Legendary rarities, you can often get nothing after defeating it. So you may have to fight it several times before landing on the item you are looking for. These are all its rewards:

  • General Drops
    • Mythic
      • Soul Ticket
      • Hollow Essence
  • Drops useful for Soul Reapers
    • Legendary
      • SR Hibernal Cloak
      • Saunder Cloak
  • Drops useful for Arrancar
    • Legendary
      • Arrancar Hibernal Cloak
      • Vokun Furcloak
      • Cacao Ruler Cloak
      • Hierro Platings

With that, you can now easily find Bawabawa anytime you are in need of some Exp. Be sure to check out our Type Soul section for more help on this game.