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How to Unlock Underhall Level in Minecraft Dungeons?

Unlock and explore

Apart from the story missions, there are more hidden levels to play in Minecraft Dungeons. Among the many secret levels, there’s the Underhall level. In this Minecraft Dungeons Underhall guide, we will show you how to find its location and unlock it easily.

Unlocking Underhalls Secret Level in Minecraft Dungeons

Firstly, remember that you can find the Underhall level on the Default difficulty, just like the Soggy Caves level. You can find it in the penultimate core level so keep playing until you reach the Highblock Hall. Proceed to killing all the enemies you encounter as usual. Then, it’s time to look for the secret dungeon. This secret dungeon is inconspicuous so you must look for it with some specific things in mind.

  • Look for two shields attached to brick walls.
  • Go towards the left shield and interact with it.
  • This will open up a door.
  • Enter the dungeon and grab a scroll lying there on a table.
  • As you do it, you will unlock the Underhall level.

Now all that’s left to be done is to complete the Underhall level and collect your loot. You might grab a hammer, power bow, fireworks arrow, iron hide amulet and totem of shielding in Underhall. This loot will be pretty important as you prepare yourself for the last mission which is to take on the Arch-Illager. Another reason why this level must be completed is because it’s a short and sweet mission, with no boss fight in it, so it’s better to complete it.

So that’s everything about the secret Underhall level in Minecraft Dungeons. Keep reading more such Minecraft Dungeons guides on Gamertweak.