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How To Easily Change To Third-Person View In Grounded?

To move around the environment without hassle, you need to switch between first and third person view. Here's how to easily switch to third-person view in Grounded.

If you want to switch to third-person view in Grounded, here’s what you need to know. Since you will begin playing with a first person view, it can get a bit tough to navigate your surroundings. It might work for some, but for others, a third-person view works better, especially in certain circumstances. So in this guide, we will show you how PC as well as Xbox One players can do it easily.

Grounded: Switching to Third-Person View

Grounded revolves around survival and making the most of the environment. Crafting plays a major role in this game and we have covered a lot of short guides on how to get important resources. Be sure to read articles on where to find Grubs, how to get Berry Leather, craft Pebblet Axe and more. You can do all of this in either first person view or third person view, based on your requirement.

For PC, you have to simply press the U key. This is the default button but if you want, you can change the key binding.

If you are playing Grounded on Xbox, these are the steps to change to third-person view in Grounded.

  • Press the down button on the controller 
  • This will open up the radial menu
  • Use the right stick to select the option to Toggle Player Camera
  • Press A to confirm this

With this, you can switch to third person and then back to the first person view. You can do this same process if you are using a controller on your PC. In case you want to open up the radial menu on PC, you can press Z. This will give you access to some other options you have in the menu.

Grounded is still in early access but it is steadily gaining more and more popularity. In the game, you will come across deadly enemies like spiders so it is essential to know how to heal yourself. Plus, be at the top of your game by knowing the best base building recipes and best tools to craft in Grounded.