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How To Heal Yourself In Grounded?

There will be many instances where you will need to regenerate your health in this game. But how to heal yourself in Grounded? Find out here.

In Grounded, you have to survive in a world where you are tiny while collecting resources and crafting items. Doing this is fun and all but things get really interesting when you have to combat the deadly insects that you encounter. There’s a good chance that your character will die or get injured during fights, since some enemies are quite tough to kill. So, when you get injured, here’s what you can do to heal yourself in Grounded.

Healing Health in Grounded

Simply put, you have to craft an item to heal and that’s a bandage. The Fiber Bandage will do the trick and the materials you need for it are as follows:

  • 2 Saps
  • 3 Plant Fiber

Plant Fibers can be found on the ground so keep an eye out for them while exploring. Interestingly, Plant Fiber is also required to craft a chopping tool. Such a chopping tool can be quite useful in the early game to chop down plants and vegetation. Want to know how to craft it? Here’s how to craft a Pebblet Axe (the chopping tool you absolutely need).

To find Sap, you have to look for a twig which will have a sap glob stuck on it. There might even be more than one glob on it if you’re lucky. It is quite easy to find both of these items, so it won’t be a hassle.

Once you have them, visit the Craft tab and check the Snacks section. Craft the Fiber Bandage and voila, you will have a way to heal yourself in Grounded. If you take more damage and need to regenerate health, you can craft more easily because the ingredients aren’t hard to find.

So, that’s basically how you can heal yourself in Grounded. Speaking of healing health, one way to stay safe from enemies is to create a good hideout. That’s where our base building recipes will come handy, so go ahead and read them all. Once you know which ingredients to use for things like a roof, wall, door etc, you will be much safer than before. While you are at it, read about the best tools to craft in Grounded as well.