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Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Public Event: How To Trigger It?

Start the heroic version of this public event.

In Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals, you will find a new public event called Contact. You must be thinking – how to start the Contact Heroic Public event. Better yet, how to complete it? Don’t worry. In this guide, we will show the steps required for both of these questions.

How to Start Contact Heroic Public Event?


In the Contact public event, you need to simply finish off enemy waves, grab the dropped motes and then put them into the bank right under the floating pyramid. It’s very similar to Gambit in many ways.

You will encounter four enemy waves which will end when you have filled the bank to a hundred percent or the timer has run out. Then you have to go on a killing spree of Taken blockers after that. If you don’t do it fast enough, they will drain your progress.

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How to Activate the Heroic Version

To start the Heroic version of this Public event, you must bank special orbs named Blooms. Always keep an eye out for whenever this orb will appear. A chat message saying “Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby” will show up on the screen and that’s when you should look for it. Observe the pyramid when it points a beam towards this special orb. Once it does that, now it’s your task to go and get it.

Your road to the orb might be blocked by a Champion, so be careful and defeat them as fast as possible. Why? That’s because they can take the Blooms. If the champion picks it up and despawns with it, you will lose your chance to make it a heroic event. Also, note that with four waves of enemies, you have to bank the Bloom four times. We have created a more in-depth guide on how to complete this event, so go ahead and read it too.


The heroic version will have you fighting a Taken Pyromaster whose shield draws power from a pylon. These fights are not going to be easy, so make sure to use the items and equipment suitable for these tough enemies. To complete the heroic event, you have to find the Pylons or Blights, get rid of them by destroying the core and then kill the main boss. Everything needs to happen very fast in this public event, so be prepared before you take this on. It will help to have a big group of players in this case.

Finally, if you complete the heroic version, you will receive two Umbral Engrams. For more useful Destiny 2 guides, be sure to check our Destiny 2 tips and tricks section.