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Destiny 2 What Is Umbral Engram Guide – How to decrypt & Rewards

Here is what to do with Umbral Engram

Wondering that is Umbral Engram in Destiny 2? Season of Arrivals unlocks new content and new missions for players. In this season you will be assisting Eris and The Drifted research to find out new information on new attackers. It is unclear who they are and what they want?

While playing you will come across important items, currency, and upgrades. Like Umbral Engrams, so here is a guide on Destiny 2 Umbral Engram. How to collect them and how to decrypt Umbral Engram in the game? What are the rewards you can unlock using this new engram?


What are Umbral Engram in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals introduces a new Engram in the form of Umbral Engram. Fused with dark energy a Cryptarch cannot decrypt this. There is an entirely different way to decrypt the engram and it can unlock some powerful weapon or armor piece in Destiny 2. That is the reason it is a kind of important item to find.

How to decode Umbral Engrams?


Umbral Engram can only be decrypted in the Umbral Decoder of the Drifted. So if you find one carry it to the Drifted. Then use his Umbral Decoder to unlock powerful weapons or armor pieces. Umbral Decoder is a device you will find next to the Drifter in the Annex at the Tower.

Umbral Decoder is locked until you complete In the Face of Darkness Quest. This also includes completing Contact Heroic Public Event. After collecting 10 umbral engrams talk to the Drifter before completing the quest.

Next time when you find enough Umbral Engrams you can just walk to the machine and decrypt it. Remember to complete the Face of Darkness quest which is part of the storyline. During the quest, you will meet Drifter and he will talk about the decoder.


There is a reported bug about decoding the umbral engrams. Sometime the decoding will not work, but you can try back talking to the Drifter or walking towards the machine to decrypt the engrams. In case there are bugs you will have to revisit back.

What is Umbral Focusing?

If you want to unlock a specific armor or weapon with stats of your choice then you will have to use Umbral Focusing. It is a process that has 3 tiers. Each tier can be unlocked by increasing Umbral Research Level. When you unlock new tier in Umbral Focusing you get access to customize your Umbral Engrams.


To focus on engram you will have to combine Umbral Engram with Altered Elements. In the Umbral Focusing Screen, you can see three levels of focusing process.

  • Basic Umbral Focusing
  • Improved Arsenal Focusing
  • Improved Armored Focusing

The better tier you unlock the stronger weapon or armor you can get. But remember you will have to pay with Umbral Engrams + Altered Element to unlock the focus. So here collect Twisted Energy to unlock new Umbral Research Level. Then farm Altered Elements + Umbral Engrams to unlock gears of your choice.

How To Use The Prismatic Recaster

Prismatic Recaster is a vendor who can help you to customize Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2. He is a vendor next to the Umbral Decoder. There is one condition to use the service of this vendor. You will have to level up your Umbral Research Rank by depositing Twisted Energy. So during the objectives do collect as much as possible.

By depositing Twisted Energy to the Prismatic Recaster you can increase your Umbral Research Rank that will unlock higher tiers of customization and rewards. Each unlocked rank will reward you with the Gift of Light and Dark.

Gift of Light and Dark is a kind of upgrades in Destiny 2. By collecting them your rate of getting engrams, energy, and Altered Elements material increases. You can simply farm more, there are around 3 tiers of Gift of Light and Dark. Each tier has around 7 Gifts in their slot, to unlock all gifts you will have to reach Umbral Research Level 21.

What are Umbral Research Rewards?

Each new level unlocked under Umbral Research you will earn new rewards. You can buy these rewards from Prismatic Recaster. At Level 1 you can purchase Arrival Armor Mod. It is a brand new thing in Destiny 2, mods rotate daily and can be used in any armor piece from any season.

By unlocking the research levels you will earn Armor Mods and they can be used to enhance your build in Destiny 2. But some of them comes with a penalty like low energy cost. Verify the Mod details, it comes with Energy Cost and offers you some boost along with penalties.

Similar to Exotic Ciphers lot of new items have been introduced in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. Starting from the Umbral Engram it is an important one to farm that will help you to unlock powerful armors and weapons in Destiny 2. We will keep on adding fresh updates on the new season, stay tuned for more updates.