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Exotic Cipher Destiny 2: What Is It And How To Get It?

Everything that's known about the Exotic Cipher

The newest season of Destiny 2, the Season of Arrivals has finally arrived. With it, it has also brought a new currency called Exotic Ciphers. What are Exotic Ciphers and how to get this currency? Well, keep reading this guide to find out.

Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2


Here, we will answer a few questions that you might have regarding this currency in Destiny 2.

What is the Exotic Cipher?

As of today, we don’t have in-depth information about Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2 since these are the early days. When more confirmed details are revealed, we will update this post. What we know right now is that players can acquire an Exotic Cipher by reaching the Rank 55 on the Season Pass. It is available in the free section of the Season Pass, which is great news for Destiny 2 fans.


How to get it?

Currently, the only confirmed way to get it is through the Season Pass. But since there cannot be just one Exotic Cipher earning opportunity in the game, people are speculating about more ways to get it. There are talks about getting it through random world drops, Heroic Public events, Nightfalls, Crucible matches, Raids and Gambit. Right now, these are not fully confirmed and we will update this post if and when it is.

How to use it?


exotic-cipherYou need the Exotic Cipher to purchase things from Master Rahool or Xur. From Master Rahool at the Tower, you can purchase an Exotic weapon in exchange for this new currency. If you’ve wanted to get your hands on any specific Exotic weapon, then this is your chance.

From Xur, you can purchase a second Fated engram in exchange for an Exotic Cipher. This information was revealed in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals patch notes. If you check under ‘Vendor’, it’s mentioned that they have added the ability to use an Exotic Cipher in order to buy a second Fated engram from Xur every single week.

So, this is everything we know about Exotic Cipher. As more information is revealed, we will let you know so stay with GamerTweak. Meanwhile, find out how to complete Prophecy Dungeon in Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals.