Find Xur’s Location & Inventory in Destiny 2

Xur Inventory (June 12 - June 19, 2020)

Where is Xur today in Destiny 2? Xur is an exotic gear merchant in Destiny 2 who changes his location every week. So here is his exact location and what latest item he brings today.

This week Xur is on Nessus. From the Director select the Nessus planet and land on Watcher’s Grave, Arcadian Valley. You will have to travel a bit to locate Xur on the Valley. It is not that tough to find him, just check the map marker location below above Watcher’s Grave. That is the exact point where you will find XUR this week.

XUR Location June 12, 2020

Xur Location June 12 2020

In Arcadian Valley, track down the above marked location. It will take you to a floating golden ship. There is an platform on the right that can take you to the lower door. Jump in walk straight and turn right. Walk towards the Deck and you will see Xur standing at the left corner. This is where you will find XUR in Destiny 2 this week on June 12, 2020. Just interact with XUR and he is waiting with below exotic gears.

XUR’S INVENTORY June 12, 2020

  1. Black Talon
  2. Raiden Flux
  3. Synthoceps
  4. Promethium Spur
  5. Consumables

1. Exotic Engram

Worth 986 Power – Contains a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains  a random piece of Exotic Armor.

2. Black Talon

Xur Location June 12 2020 Exotic Gear

Sword (1023), a Heavy Weapon with high impact and guard resistance. The weapon features decent swing speed and guard endurance.

  • Swing Speed: 46
  • Impact: 61
  • Range: 40
  • Guard Efficiency: 53
  • Guard Resistance: 76
  • Ammo Capacity: 62
  • Crow’s Wings  (Intrinsic Perk) – Press [Heavy Attack], [Heavy Attack] to fire off a projectile cross combo.
  • Heavy Guard (Guard) – Sword Guard has high overall defenses, but lowers charge rate.
  • Tireless Blade (Blace ) – Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill.

3. Raiden Flux Chest Armor

A decent Armor (1023), featuring average strength and resilience. It is low on intellect and mobility. Checkout the full stats and perks below.

  • Mobility: +9
  • Resilience: +13
  • Recovery: +12
  • Discipline: +7
  • Intellect: +6
  • Strength: +15
  • Total: 62
  • Synapse Junctions – Chained Arc Staff this buff damage and duration.

4. Synthoceps

Gauntlets (1023), featuring high recovery and average discipline + intellect. Total stats of 62.

  • Mobility: +2
  • Resilience: +11
  • Recovery: +20
  • Discipline: +14
  • Intellect: +13
  • Strength: +2
  • Total: 62
  • Biotic Enhancements – Buffs melee range. Being surrounded buffs damage.

5. Promethium Spur

A Warlock Leg Armor (1021), with an total 60 stats and Ember of Light.

  • Mobility: +9
  • Resilience: +10
  • Recovery: +12
  • Discipline: +9
  • Intellect: +14
  • Strength: +6
  • Total: 60
  • Embers of Light: While Daybreak in active, defeating combatants of Guardians creates a Healing and Empowering Rift at their location.

So this are the Exotics you can earn from Xur this week. Check our other Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide, Tips, tricks and more. Destiny 2 is developed by Bungie and is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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