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How To Quickly Complete Contact Public Event In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been known for hosting over the top events with each update and the Season of the Arrivals added another public event called Contact as a daily activity that players can do. If you want to learn how to complete the Contact event, read until the end of this guide.

How To Complete Contact Public Event

If you want to progress in the early part of the Season of the Arrivals storyline, completing one of these public events is essential. The Contact public event is pretty straightforward but it keeps on getting tougher as you progress in it.

All you have to do is take down waves on enemies while grabbing their motes Gambit style. Once you have these motes you will need to bank them in the central bank area.

Keep an eye on the bank as these waves of enemies will keep pushing near the bank and try to steal their motes back. You will also come across Taken blockers which will give you an added challenge.

All you have to do is fill up the bank to 100% and you can then progress on to the next stage of this Contact public event. You will also have to face champions who will try to disrupt your progress and when you see one, it is advisable that you take them down as soon as possible.

Champions will rush towards the bank of Blooms and your job is to safeguard the bank at any cost. Every time a Taken shows up, defeat the blocker so that you can progress once again.

Motes will often disappear if you do not pick them up, so speed will be of importance and you should also make sure to not die if you have any motes on you.

The event will start off with a 990 power recommendation, which is fairly low for regular Destiny 2 players but will soon rise to 1040 as soon as you get to the final stage. This is where things get really difficult.

Make sure that you have weapons that work best against barriers and unstoppable enemies. This will ensure that you progress quickly and do not have to keep grinding unnecessarily.

As you progress in the Contact event, a heavily guarded boss will appear, when this happens you will have to locate “Pylons” and take them down.

They will keep respawning until you have defeated all of them, and this generally takes a bit of time. After this only, will you be able to kill the boss who had been protected by the Taken.

Time is of the essence in this event, so do not become complacent and make sure that you fully commit to this challenge, target Pylons and while the additional enemies will bother you, your primary goal is to eliminate all the Pylons and then attack the boss.

This is all that you have to do to complete the Contact public event in Destiny 2 Season of the Arrivals. Make sure to check out How To Get Trinity Ghoul Catalyst In Destiny 2.