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How To Shoot Free Throws In NBA 2K21

Want to know how to shoot free throws in NBA 2K21 easily? Here's how you can do it.

NBA 2K21 has released and there’s quite a few changes in it compared to 2K20. Shooting has changed now due to which players are wondering how to shoot free throws in NBA 2K21? Why free throws, you ask? Well, Making free throws is crucial in games and can change things in your favor. Since it is important to know how to do it perfectly, here’s our guide on how to shoot free throws in NBA 2K21.


How to Make Free Throws in NBA 2K21

There are two ways to shoot free throws in NBA 2K21.

With the shot meter on, you can shoot free throws by pressing and holding the Square button (PS4) or X button (Xbox One) at the line. You will see the shot meter right above the character’s head. As soon as your line is aligned or near the line in the middle of the yellow section that you see inside the meter, release the button.

You can even do this with the Right Stick instead of buttons. You need to press and hold the Right analog stick downwards which will reveal the shot meter. Now, release it when the lines are aligned. That’s all there is to it.

If you do it right, you will notice that the shot meter will turn green and you will shoot a free throw.

In case you want the Shot Meter to be turned off, you can go to Controller settings from the Option Menu and head to Shot Meter. Turn it off over there. To modify the shot meter, you can keep it to Free Throw Only so it will only come up during free throws. There are more customizations you can do on this screen.


Moreover, if you select Real Player % for Shot timing and Free Throw Timing, it will be easier to do them. Otherwise, it is all about timing so make sure to practice well and master it.

That’s everything about how to shoot free throws in NBA 2K21 easily. Keep reading our other guides like how to earn VC easily and quickly, NBA 2k21 locker codes, how to face scan, change camera angle to know more such helpful tips and tricks.