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How to Modify Shot Meter in NBA 2K21 – Custom Settings Guide

NBA 2K21 is new with new features, a lot of things has been replaced with something else like the settings to modify Shot Meter.

NBA 2K21 is new and can be tiring if you are struggling to find your pro controls. The game is not being completely modified but certain changes are confusing. One of them is the Shot Meter settings, configuration settings to improve your gameplay. Every time you shoot a ball a meter fills up. By constantly repeating the same direction you get a boost to top the ball of the meter. It will control the ball release and maximize the chances of the ball hitting the basket. This is why NBA 2K21 Shot Meter settings play a big role in matches.


How to modify Shot Meter in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 does not give you the option to use the Shot Meter in the matches. So to an extent, the option remains inactive on the side of the screen. What you can do is turn it off so that you can try out more free throws. Also if you keep it on, Shot Meter remains active for all shots. This restricts you a bit when you are experimenting with different moves. It is a useful option, and good enough to turn it off if you love challenges.

You can change Shot Meter from the Controller Settings. Go to the main Game Menu and then select Feature Option. Look for the Shot Meter option on the menu. Also, you can modify the shot meter instantly by pausing the game. You can enable it back again if you want it, there is no need to quit the match.

To enable Shot meter in between the game pause it and then go to Options. Go to Controller settings and here you will see every available mode in NBA 2K21. Controller Settings lets you customize your gameplay, it lets you control the moves and various modes. Go through the settings properly and turn off if you require more time to ace the move.

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