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How To Fix Park Not Working In NBA 2K21

fix park not working issue.

There are always bug reported after the first release of a game, but usually, these bugs are worked out within a few days. But in NBA 2K21, players have been facing an issue in playing in the park mode and the developers have not resolved it yet. But similar to many other bugs and issues arising in software, even this one has a potential fix. Follow this guide to know how to fix the park not working in NBA 2K21.


NBA 2K21: How To Fix Park Not Working

Every fan is excited to play in the park where you can invite friends for multiplayer games. But as soon as they try to enter the park, the bug prevents them to do so. In terms of a friend request, players are able to accept it but then they are not able to enter the park.

Talking about the fix to the problem, there are only two ways to get it done. The first one is to wait for the game to resume, and the other is obviously quitting the game and restarting it. However, the problem might still arise even after restarting the game.

Hopefully, the developers will look into the bug soon enough and fix it quickly so that gamers like yourself can enjoy the experience of playing in the local park. There has been talk about a hotfix coming for addressing many such major flaws in the game.

That’s all about how to fix the park not working in NBA 2K21. There are some major issues in the game such as rec not working and error code 726e613d. You can go through our NBA 2K21 guide section to learn how to fix those issues and read various guides that we will keep on posting about NBA 2K21.