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How To Reach Arch Haven In Minecraft Dungeons

Arch Haven is loaded with emeralds

Arch Haven is an area in Minecraft Dungeons that is filled with treasures, weapons, and artifacts to be looted. You might go in empty-handed but you will return as a king. Mind you, unlocking Arch Haven will not be easy at all.

Arch Haven houses heavily loaded Emerald mines. Hence it is a secret area in Minecraft Dungeons. You cannot randomly reach the place unless you know the tricks of the trade. (note: Minecraft Dungeons does not allow you to trade items in the game).

Arch Haven is an area that can only be accessed through other zones. This might seem confusing, but once you read this guide completely, Arch Haven is just a few easy steps away.

How to unlock Arch Haven?

Reaching Arch Haven demands a lot of health and combat power. So make sure to be well equipped as you are about to enter Minecraft Dungeons’ secret territory. Follow these steps in sequence, and you will reach Arch Haven very easily –

  • Complete the Soggy Cave mission. Here is a guide that will help you reach Soggy Caves.
  • Find the Pirate Ship.
  • As maps tend to randomly change in Dungeons, you will not find the ship at the same spot where your fellow crewmate did.
  • Keep an eye out for the Pirate Ship in the Pumpkin Pastures.
  • Once you find the ship, board its deck.
  • Go to the lower deck. You will find a map in the cabins.
  • Voila! You found the location to Arch Haven!?
  • Sorry to inform you but it was a trap.
  • Fight of all the members of the mob attacking you. Here is a guide to all the enemies in Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Survive the battle and you win.

And just like that, your victory over the enemies triggers the unlocking of the Arch Haven. You have now reached the secret Arch Haven mission in Minecraft Dungeons. Finding the Arch Haven was indeed tricky. Minecraft Dungeons is loaded with such secret missions, that you might unknowingly ignore.

Secret missions like Arch Haven bring to you many side stories and loot-worthy treasures. One such mission is the Secret Cow Mission in Minecraft Dungeons. Read up the guide to help you surpass this secret mission as well.