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How To Trade And Drop Items In Minecraft Dungeons?

Sorry to burst your bubble! But all for good reasons

Minecraft Dungeons is loaded with treasures, swords, axes, bows, hammers, and chests that you can loot throughout the game. This becomes overwhelming after a certain extent and you wish to share trade these items with your friends or give them out as drops.

After all, Minecraft Dungeons is all about comradeship and companions. Usually, such raid-centric RPGs have the option of trading with fellow players as it adds a strategic element to the game. Onto the big question now…


How to Trade and share items in Minecraft Dungeons?

Hate to break it to you, but you cannot trade, share, or drop items in Minecraft Dungeons. This might come as a shock to you, and this definitely is a letdown. But Mojang Studios has decided to eliminate the option of trading and sharing loots in Minecraft for one specific reason.

Professional players often help the beginners by dropping them the best artifacts and weapons in the game. This makes it easier for beginners to progress in the game, without having to actually struggle at levels where they should have. This takes away the true spirit of Minecraft Dungeons, where every player has to survive by thor own skills and strategies.


Mojang has not hinted at any trading and sharing options in Minecraft Dungeons just ye, but the future is uncertain. There is a possibility of these features to be added in future updates. For now, you cannot trade, share, and drop items in Minecraft Dungeons.

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