How to Quickly Level Up Negotiation Rank In Starfield

Negotiation is one of the most useful skills in Starfield, allowing you to talk your way to better prices, avoid fights, and get out of sticky situations. However, improving your negotiation skills can be a slow process if you don’t know the best methods. This guide will help you Starfield Negotiation leveling system.

Starfield Negotiation Leveling System, Explained

Starfield Negotiation Leveling Guide

Leveling up the Negotiation skill is crucial for players looking to save money while persuading NPCs to their side. Having a high Negotiation rank opens up options you won’t find anywhere else.

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock different ranks of the Negotiation skill by spending skill points and bribing NPCs. Here are the requirements for each rank:

  • Rank 1: Access to bribery in speech challenges (spend 4 points in Social).
  • Rank 2: Bribe 3 times with Persuasion to reduce bribe cost by 25%.
  • Rank 3: Bribe 5 times to reduce bribe cost by 50%.
  • Rank 4: Bribe 10 times for an occasional bribe that doesn’t cost money.

Remember that you’ll have to spend one skill point for each rank you want to reach in Negotiation. Leveling up this skill will significantly benefit your gameplay, allowing you to save more credits and complete missions more efficiently.

The Best Location for Bribery

The top spot for bribery in Starfield is Neon City in the Volii star system. Committing minor crimes, such as stealing from a store, will prompt a guard to confront you. When this occurs, choose the persuasion dialogue option to bribe the guard and have them look the other way.

While bribing guards can quickly level up your Negotiation skill, it can be costly. The average cost of a bribe is around 3,000 credits, which is usually more than surrendering. However, the upside is that you get to keep all your stolen goods.

It’s worth noting that Neon City is the only main city in Starfield where bribery is possible. You can try other cities, but places like New Atlantis and Akila City do not allow bribery.

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