Type Soul: How To Purify Lost Souls

Check out this guide to know how you can Purify lost souls and level up in Type Soul.

Once you become a Soul Reaper in Type Soul, your job will be to purify lost souls and guide them in the afterlife realm of soul society. Along with guiding souls to the afterlife, players can get their hands on different shinigami abilities like Shikai & Bankai and face off with the Hollows like Bleach. Although as a lost soul once, you might wonder about the purification process to be a Soul Reaper. It is important to level up as a Soul Reaper in the game. Check out this guide further to know how to use it in the game.

How to Purify Lost Souls in Type Soul

purify and level up type soul
Image source: revolver agz on YouTube

After becoming a Shinigami, players must level up through grades to become stronger in the game. One of the methods through which you can level up will be to purify lost soul NPCs in Type Soul. Although it varies on how many lost souls one has to purify to grind their way up the grades. Here are the steps you can follow to carry on the purification process:

  • Find a lost soul NPC wandering around Karakura Town.
  • Once done, you can press P on your Keyboard.
  • This will allow you to purify the lost soul.
  • You can check how many purifications you have left from the Kazuhiro NPC in the game.

It is worth mentioning that players won’t be able to purify other Roblox players for now in Type Soul. The devs have disabled the option to do so for some reason. So if you want to become a Soul Reaper first, you must find Kisuke after becoming a lost soul yourself. You won’t be able to ask other players to guide you to Soul Society.

That’s everything covered on how to purify Lost Souls in Type Souls. Check out our Soul Reaper and Hollow Progression guides on Gamer Tweak for more in-depth progression.