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Goose Goose Duck: How To Play (Everything You Should Know)

Here is how you play Goose Goose Duck.

Goose Goose Duck is an easy game, but if you try out the Classic+ mode, you will want to learn how to play. This game gives you several different modes so everyone has something they can enjoy. And if you like a little bit of complexity, then the multiple sub-roles this game offers will improve your experience. But understanding them can also be confusing at times. So here is a beginner’s guide on how to play Goose Goose Duck.


How to Play Goose Goose Duck

goose goose duck beginners guide on how to play ggd

The following tips will help you play and get better in this game in no time.

  1. Understand your Role: When it comes to playing Goose Goose Duck, the first and most important thing you can do is know what your character is supposed to do. And the easiest way to learn about that is by playing the Tutorial. The game has a short and easy-to-understand tutorial for both Geese and Ducks. Here is a gist of it:
    • Goose: Complete the Tasks quickly while figuring out who the Ducks are. You can win if all the tasks are complete or if you vote out the Ducks.
    • Ducks: Eliminate every Goose in the game. You have to play stealthily and convince your teammates to believe you and not get voted out.
  2. Once you understand how to play the above characters, learning the other roles becomes easier. Some of the other roles include:
    • Dodo: Play suspiciously and convince the Geese to vote you out. You will win; they eliminate you.
    • Pigeon: Infect every Goose in the game while avoiding getting killed by the ducks.
    • Vulture: Eat the bodies of geese to win.
  3. The above were just some of the neutral roles, and I suggest you check our guide on All Roles to learn more about them.
  4. Know the Different Game Modes: There are 5 different modes in this game. Thus it would help if you changed your play style to adapt to the mode you are playing in. For example, you can recklessly vote out a Goose for once while playing Classic. But in Classic+, where the sub-roles come in, you will have to consider many more factors. You can’t report someone only because you saw them beside a body. It might be a Dodo trying to eliminate itself or a Duck testing how you react to the crime scene.
  5. Neutral Roles don’t make you Goose: While this might not sound like a helpful tip, hear me out. The roles like Dodo, Vulture, Pigeon, and Falcon have separate criteria that make them win. So if you find your role difficult while playing the first few times, you might be tempted to join the Geese and play against the Ducks. But this puts the Ducks at a disadvantage, and doing this might ruin the game for everyone.
  6. Be observant of others: As a Goose, your main goal is to complete the tasks as quickly as possible. But just doing tasks can make you an easy target for the ducks. This is because you might be super focused on completing them and wander off alone, making it easy for a Duck to kill you. Thus, make sure you also pay attention to which players are playing together, the areas they pass by, the tasks that are getting completed, and more. This will help you put the pieces together and find the Ducks.
  7. Know when to Vote, Call Meetings, or Skip: You don’t always have to wait for reporting to call a meeting. All maps in this game have a particular area where you can call a meeting. But overusing it is also wrong. So ensure you collect enough information on a suspect when you report or call a meeting. And if you aren’t sure who the suspect is, you can skip voting even if someone else reported them.

That covers this beginner’s guide on how to Play Goose Goose Duck. For more help on this game, check our other guides on how many players can be in a lobby, how to change your name, and how to change color.