All Game Modes Explained In Goose Goose Duck

Here are all the Game Modes you can play in Goose Goose Duck.

Goose Goose Duck is similar to Among Us in many ways but its game modes and roles make it different. In this social deduction game by Gaggle Studios, you get to play different modes, each with different rules. So if you are weary of playing the regular hunter and survivor genre, you can try the other modes to stay entertained with your friends. This guide will go over all the modes you can try in this game.

All Game Modes in Goose Goose Duck

Game Mode Selection Screen
Image Source: TapCrimsonGames on Youtube

The devs constantly add new updates to keep the player base entertained. As of now, you can play the following Game Modes in Goose Goose Duck:

  • Classic
  • Draft (Classic+)
  • Goosehunt
  • Duck and Dash
  • Trick or Treat
  • Hanging Out


In this mode, you can either play as a Goose or other birds like the Duck. The Geese can win by completing all the tasks or eliminating Ducks. While the Ducks can win by eliminating the Geese or Sabotaging certain tasks. If the number of surviving Geese is less than the Ducks then the latter wins. You will also have roles so know more about them in our All Goose Goose Duck Roles guide.


Previously known as Classic+, this mode assigns numbers to every player in the lobby. Based on that number, you get a chance to pick a role for yourself. Since roles are a big part of this mode, you can check our guide on the Best Role Settings to know more.

Goosehunt Game Mode

In this mode, a single Duck will try to eliminate all the Geese within a limited time period. The Geese can reduce the timer by completing tasks. But there are no meetings so the Ducks can go on a killing spree. Moreover, their movement speed is faster than the Geese. This mode is optimal for lobbies with fewer players.

Duck and Dash

In this mode, the players will be divided into Red and Blue teams and they get turns to eliminate each other. The Red Team consists of morphing ducks and their goal is to eliminate the Blue Team. While the goal of the Blue Team is to survive until the timer runs out. During their turn, they can use the Falcons and Vultures to kill and eat bodies. By doing so, they can reduce the timer.

Trick or Treat Game Mode

In this mode, the players are divided into Villagers and Monsters (Vampires & Mummies). Monsters can win by converting every villager into a Thrall. These Thralls can turn other Villagers into Thralls. However, villagers can kill the Thralls but they respawn after a 15-second cooldown. For Villagers to win, they can complete tasks to host meetings and eliminate monsters. If every monster is eliminated or a Villager survives till the timer runs out, the Villagers win the game.

Hanging Out

This game mode features the Lounge map. Here, you can hang out with friends and play minigames. Check out our map guide for the Lounge for more information.

These are all the Game Modes you can play in Goose Goose Duck. For more helpful guides like How to Eject Yourself in Space, make sure you check out GamerTweak.