All Roles In Goose Goose Duck (2023)

Here are the roles for each playable character in Goose Goose Duck.

As a new player in Goose Goose Duck, you would easily wonder what are all the roles of the playable characters. Since you may encounter one or the other at a time, it is important to know such things. Not just encounter but there is a possibility that you would play one of them. Since Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game where the geese are pitted against evil ducks, knowing the roles of each might be useful for deduction among other things. The game has three types of roles, one for the geese, the ducks, and the neutral ones.

All Goose Goose Duck Roles

Goose Goose Duck All Roles

As we mentioned above, there are three types of roles in the game. And overall, there are 24 roles that you can look forward to while playing the game. Naturally, remembering all of them will be difficult but getting a gist of what to do is quite useful.

All Goose Roles

  • Mechanic – As a Mechanic, can use vents like ducks.
  • Gravy – As a Gravy, complete tasks to increase your bounty. At the end of the game, you will get this bounty. But if you are killed by a duck, they will earn your bounty.
  • Mimic – As a Mimic, other ducks will see you as a duck but can still kill you.
  • Snoop – As a Snoop, you can hide in nooks and crannies.
  • Vigilante – As a Vigilante, you can kill any player, goose or duck, without consequence.
  • Technician – As a Technician, can detect the approximate location of the sabotage on the mini map.
  • Sheriff – As a Sheriff, can kill any player but but killing a goose has consequences.
  • Bodyguard – As a Bodyguard, you gain coins by protecting a specific player throughout the game.
  • Detective – As a Detective, can check once if a player has killed someone in-game.
  • Birdwatcher – As a Birdwatcher, can see through walls with limited vision.
  • Canadian – As a Canadian, after being killed by a duck, the killer will auto-report after a short period.
  • Medium – As a Medium, you can see ghosts of dead geese.

All Duck Roles

Here are all the Duck Roles in Goose Goose Duck:

  • Morphling – As a Morphling, you can impersonate another player.
  • Assassin – As an Assassin, you can kill a goose by guessing their role during a meeting. But if you guess wrong, its curtains for you instead.
  • Cannibal – As a Cannibal, you can eat one corpse per game, removing the body and ability to report.
  • Hitman – As a Hitman, you will receive a bonus at the end of the game if you kill a specific player.
  • Silencer – As a Silencer, you can mute a player in every meeting.
  • Professional – As a Professional, cannot self-report after killing. Other geese cannot see the body of the player you killed.
  • Spy – As a Spy, you can find out a player’s role once you vote them. However, no one else should vote them either.
  • Lover – As a Lover, you will have a bond with a player. If you and that player stay alive at the end, you will win.

All Neutral Roles

  • Pigeon – As a Pigeon, you will win by infecting all players. Of course, you cannot be voted out or killed by a duck.
  • Dodo – As a Dodo, you win if you are voted out by other players.
  • Falcon – As a Falcon, you automatically win if you are the last survivor. If three players remains a timer will start and if the falcon is alive at the end of the timer, they win the game.
  • Vulture – As a Vulture, you have to eat corpses of geese to win. If a player spots the body and calls a meeting, the corpse disappears.

That’s all there is on all Roles in Goose Goose Duck. While you are here, make sure you check out our other GGD Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.