Goose Goose Duck Best Role Settings

Read this guide for the best role settings in Goose Goose Duck.

From Gaggle Studios Inc, comes Goose Goose Duck. The game is basically an Among Us clone. However, it has still managed to take players on Steam as well as Android by storm. Unlike Among Us, there are several roles in this massively multiplayer game. Hence, it can become difficult at times to know how each one of them works. In this guide, we will show you the best Role Settings in Goose Goose Duck Duck.

Best Role Settings for Goose Goose Duck

If you’re the host of the lobby, you will have the freedom to select the roles that you want to play with. Whether it’s a duck, goose or a neutral avian, each one of them have their own roles. Hence, we have broken the best type of roles in Classic mode according to each lobby size. Without any further ado, here are the Goose Goose Duck best role settings right:

5-8 players (with 1 duck & 0-1 neutrals)

  • Neutrals: Dodo
  • Geese: Gravy, Medium, Vigilante, Birdwatcher, Politician, Locksmith, Adventurer, Engineer, Street Urchin, Tracker
  • Ducks: Cannibal, Spy, Snitch, Party

role settings goose goose duck

9-12 players (including 2 ducks & 2-3 neutrals)

  • Neutrals: Vulture, Pigeon, Falcon, Pelican
  • Geese: Canadian, Sheriff, Detective, Mortician, Celebrity, Avenger, Esper and Astral
  • Ducks: Hitman/Bodyguard, Silencer, Assassin, Professional, Morphling, Identity Thief, Undertaker, Invisibility, Serial Killer and Warlock

13-16 players (with 3 ducks & 3-4 neutrals)

  • Neutrals: Dueling Dodo
  • Geese: Mimic
  • Ducks: Lovers, Demolitionist and Ninja

Suggested Role Settings for Classic Explained

In the first category, you should go for 1 Duck and at least 1 Neutral which must be Dodo. You can choose any one Duck from the four mentioned roles which are Cannibal, Spy, Snitch and Party. You are free to fill the remaining spots with a variety of Geese roles.

In the second player band, you need to have 2 Ducks and at least 2-3 Neutrals.
You can choose one of Vulture, Pigeon, Falcon or Pelican for the Neutral character. For Geese and Ducks, you can choose them from the dedicated options.

The last category is for a lobby size of 12-16 players. Here, you will need 3 Ducks and 3-4 Neutrals. Dueling Dodo should be one of them while the remaining can be filled up with the roles you desire. In the same way, one of your Geese should be a Mimic while the other roles can be chosen as per your preference. However, for Ducks, you must select Lovers, Demolitionist and Ninja.

That’s all you need to know about Goose Goose Duck best role settings. For more guides on the game, stay tuned to our Goose Goose Duck section.