How To Perform A Parry Attack In Cuphead | PS4

Parry your targets to chain multiple attacks together and unlock EX and Super Art moves

Parry in Cuphead gives you a chance to not only cancel out your opponent’s move, but also a great way to inflict more damage to them. Parrying attacks will also grant you cards with which you can use your EX attacks. If you wish to know how to parry and what to parry in Cuphead, read the rest of this guide.

How To Parry Successfully In Cuphead

Performing a parry in Cuphead is easy, what’s difficult is how and what to parry, in this guide we’ll cover everything that you need to know about parrying in Cuphead.

To parry in Cuphead, all you need to do is perform a jump and then jump again when you’re in the air. During your gameplay, you will notice a lot of things colored in pink. Basically, everything with a pink glow around it can be parried in Cuphead.

Parrying works like an attack in Cuphead, this will cause considerable damage to your opponent and at the same time will also give you a card so that you can perform your EX move. This EX move is generally the strongest attack in the game.

The more EX attacks that you can perform in Cuphead, the faster you will be able to defeat your enemies. Parrying works great as you can also chain parry attacks together. As soon as you parry your enemy this will destroy it, but you will need to perform successfully.

Parrying targets that are below or above are the easiest to parry and depending on how you move, you will also need to parry objects or enemies that beside you. Your momentum matters the most when you’re parrying in Cuphead and how and where you land matters too.

As soon as you successfully parry a target, you will get a small jump, with this you can chain more parry attacks. Every enemy in Cuphead has a different attack pattern and learning them will give you greater control when it comes to parrying their attacks.

If you can memorize how they enemy is going to attack, you will soon figure out ways of parrying these attacks, keep in mind that you cannot parry every enemy projectile so be ready, and if you see a pink object on your screen parry it.

Once you have collected a total of 5 cards in Cuphead, you will be able to perform a Super Art, you will realize that you are performing a Super Art when everything else on the screen stops still and only Cuphead is in motion.

Using Super Art attacks will help defeat the enemies faster and this will surely help you to get the A+ or even the S perfect score in Cuphead.

To get the S+ perfect score in Cuphead, you will need to parry almost every target that comes before you and complete each stage in as little time as possible.

This is all there is to know about how to parry in Cuphead, all you need to do is time these attacks perfectly and you will be able to inflict much more damage than you normally would.

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