How To Make Opposite In Infinite Craft – Recipe Guide

For a change, here’s how you can create the Opposite in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft allows you to create almost anything, doesn’t matter how you do it. Interestingly, you can make Opposite and combine it with any ingredient to see what it makes. I combined Opposite with Fire and got Cold. So it would be fun to see what combinations can we try with it. Since many of you may haven’t unlocked the Opposite yet, we will help you through it.

In this guide, we will explain how to create Opposite in Infinite Craft. Plus, we will also tell you some fun things to create with it. Sounds intriguing, right? So let’s get started.

Here’s How to Make Opposite in Infinite Craft

Combine Yin Yang with Dust Bunny to get the Opposite in Infinite Craft
Mixing Yin Yang and Dust Bunny to get the Opposite in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You need to combine Yin Yang and Dust Bunny to make Opposite in Infinite Craft.

For your reference, here are the steps for making Yin Yang, Dust Bunny, and eventually, Opposite:

  • Recipe for Making Yin Yang
    • Combine Earth + Wind to get Dust
    • Combine Dust + Fire to get Ash
    • Combine Ash + Fire to get Phoenix
    • Combine Earth + Water to get a Plant
    • Combine Plant + Water to get Swamp
    • Combine Fire + Swamp to get Dragon
    • Combine Dragon + Phoenix to get Yin Yang
  • Recipe for Making Dust Bunny
    • Combine Dust + Dust to get Sand
    • Combine Fire + Sand to get Glass
    • Combine Glass + Glass to get a Window
    • Combine Wind + Window to get a Curtain
    • Combine Curtain + Dust to get Dust Bunny

Now, combine Yin Yang + Dust Bunny to get the Opposite in Infinite Craft. After it is unlocked, you can try fusing it with other items to see what product you get. For example, you can mix the Opposite with Wind to get a Kite. Similarly, try out other combinations by playing the game.

For your reference, here are a few things that you can make with Opposite.

Recipes that Use Opposite in Infinite Craft

  • Opposite + Plant = Weed
  • Opposite + Fairy = Goblin
  • Opposite + Goblin = Elf
  • Opposite + Elf = Dwarf
  • Opposite + Marriage = Divorce
  • Opposite + Batman = Joker
  • Opposite + Aquaman = Aquawoman
  • Opposite + Priest = Exorcist
  • Opposite + Superman = Bizarro
  • Opposite + Thor = Loki
  • Opposite + Venom = Antidote
  • Opposite + Ant-Man = Giant-Man
  • Opposite + Marvel = DC
  • Opposite + Hulk = Bruce Banner
  • Opposite + Avengers = Justice League

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