How To Make Elon Musk In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Need to add a billionaire to your list of elements and items? Here’s everything you need to know in order to make Elon Musk in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft is all about experimenting and combining different elements to create new ones. Players can craft anything from Memes and Celebrities to Manga and K-pop. Although some of these items and units are easy to craft, most of the recipes and complex and lengthy. Speaking of complex, players can also craft one of the richest people in the world, Elon Musk, by making use of a few base elements.

Even though some items that you need to complete this recipe seem difficult to get, we have mentioned the best combinations and the fastest way to get this well-known personality in Infinite Craft.

How to Get Elon Musk in Infinite Craft

How To Get Elon Musk In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

In order to get Elon Musk you will have to combine SpaceX and Tesla, which happen to be two of the most famous inventions he is known for. As a result, we will have to use the base elements to generate both of these items. Additionally, while attempting to create this recipe, you will also be able to access various elements like Engine and Rocket. Here’s how you can carry out this easy process.

  1. Fire + Wind = Smoke
  2. Smoke + Smoke = Cloud
  3. Cloud + Fire = Lightning
  4. Fire + Water = Steam
  5. Fire + Steam = Engine
  6. Engine + Lightning = Tesla
  7. Engine + Engine = Rocket
  8. Rocket + Tesla = SpaceX
  9. SpaceX + Tesla = Elon Musk

Additionally, an alternate method of getting Elon Musk in Infinite Craft is by combining Tesla and Money. This recipe will be easy to follow, as you already know how to craft Tesla and Money can be crafted by mixing Wish + Tree.

All Crafting Recipes with Elon Musk in Infinite Craft

  • Elon Musk + Money = Mars
  • Elon Musk + Tesla Tower = Tesla Coil
  • Elon Musk + Meme = Dogecoin
  • Elon Musk + Train = Hyperloop
  • Elon Musk + Fortnite = Elonite
  • Elon Musk + Jetpack = Iron Man
  • Elon Musk + Internet = Meme
  • Elon Musk + Ocean = Submarine
  • Elon Musk + Eve = Adam
  • Elon Musk + Lava = Volcano
  • Elon Musk + Rose = Elon Rose
  • Elon Musk + Ice = Elon Ice
  • Elon Musk + Reputation = Money
  • Elon Musk + Hourglass = Time
  • Elon Musk + James Bond = Elon Bond
  • Elon Musk + UFO = Alien

We have covered everything you need to know about creating Elon Musk in Infinite Craft. You can also understand how to make Kanye West, Drake, and Travis Scott. If you are interested in learning more about new combinations, browse through our list of 1000+ crafting recipes, available here on Gamer Tweak.