How To Make Cold In Infinite Craft (Recipes & Combos)

Here is the Recipe for making Cold in Infinite Craft. Plus, other Recipes and Combos that use Cold.

Infinite Craft allows you to create almost everything that exists or is a myth. Starting with four Base Elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, you can craft things like Batman and Luffy. While making them is a complex process, you can make something that’s easy in the beginning. Something as cool as a Cold. Well, if you get the correct combinations, you can make Cold and use it to make more things too. But as I said, you need the right inputs for that.

So in this guide, we will tell you the Recipes and Combinations for making Cold in Infinite Craft.

Here’s How to Make Cold in Infinite Craft

How to Make Cold in Infinite Craft
Combine Sneeze and Fog to Make Cold. Image Credits to Infinite Craft

To make Cold in Infinite Craft, you need to combine Fog and Sneeze. At this moment, I suppose that you haven’t unlocked either of these ingredients so here’s how you can get them:

  • Recipes for making Fog
    • Fire + Wind = Smoke
    • Smoke + Water = Fog
  • Recipes for making Sneeze
    • Water + Wind = Wave
    • Fire + Water = Steam
    • Earth + Water = Plant
    • Earth + Wind = Dust
    • Steam + Wave = Surf
    • Dust + Plant = Pollen
    • Pollen + Surf = Allergy
    • Allergy + Wind = Sneeze

Now that you have got both Fog and Sneeze, mix them to get Cold in Infinite Craft.

What to Make with Cold in Infinite Craft

Using Cold as an ingredient, you can make several other things in this game. For your reference, here are a few Recipes that use Cold as an ingredient:

  • Cold + Water = Ice
  • Cold + Iceberg = Penguin
  • Cold + Sleep = Nap
  • Cold + Chef = Icecream
  • Cold + Iceberg = Brain Freeze
  • Cold + Pollen = Hay Fever
  • Cold + Hotel = Ice Forever
  • Cold + Devil = Ice Devil
  • Cold + Satan = Hell

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Play Infinite Craft, and explore more possibilities with Cold yourself. For starters, you can look to create something like a Celebrity, Best Friend, or a Weapon.