How to Make Luffy & Monkey D Luffy in Infinite Craft

Ready to hoist the sails by learning how to make Luffy in Infinite Craft easily? Monkey D. Luffy is one of the most beloved characters among the fans of One Piece Anime. So, if you have been playing Infinite Craft recently, then you know the game can make most of fictional characters like Harry Potter and even the main characters from One Piece. So today, let’s look at how to make Monkey D Luffy. Whether you’re already familiar with the game or a curious newbie, this guide will help you build your favorite rubbery hero.

How to Make Luffy in Infinite Craft (Monkey D Luffy)

Creating Luffy involves combining several elements, including other elements needed. But the easiest way to make Luffy in Infinite Craft is by combining Monkey and One Piece, i.e., Monkey + One Piece = Luffy.

Ready to build? If you’ve already got the pieces, let’s get started! Don’t worry if not. I’ll walk you through making Monkey and One Piece before assembling everything.

  1. Water + Water = Lake
  2. Lake + Lake = Ocean
  3. Ocean + Water = Fish
  4. Fish + Fire = Sushi
  5. Water + Earth = Island
  6. Sushi + Island = Japan
  7. Earth + Water = Plant
  8. Plant + Plant = Tree
  9. Tree + Tree = Forest
  10. Forest + Tree = Wood
  11. Wood + Tree = Paper
  12. Paper + Paper = Book
  13. Book + Japan = Manga
  14. Manga + Japan = Anime
  15. Earth + Earth = Mountain
  16. Mountain + Fire = Volcano
  17. Wood + Ocean = Boat
  18. Boat + Ocean = Ship
  19. Ship + Ocean = Pirate
  20. Pirate + Anime = One Piece
  21. Forest + Forest = Jungle
  22. Wind + Plant = Dandelion
  23. Jungle + Dandelion = Monkey
  24. Monkey + One Piece = Luffy

Finally, if you add Monkey + Luffy, you will get Monkey D. Luffy.

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That’s all you need to know about how to make Luffy in Infinite Craft. If you need more recipes, look at our list of all Infinite Craft combinations, or if you want specific ones, we have specific ones like making Chocolate and making fog and even technical ones like how to make a video game.