How To Make Superman In Infinite Craft – Recipe Guide

For all the passionate fans of DCU, here’s how you can create the Man of Steel, Superman in Infinite Craft.

If you tell me that you weren’t a fan of Superman at any point in your life, I won’t believe it. The Man of Steel has been a beacon of hope for all since decades and luckily, you can create him in Infinite Craft. All you need is the right pair of combinations, meaning which two ingredients should you combine to get the Superman. Since we know how confusing it is to figure out the right recipe, we will help you through it.

Here’s our guide that you can use to make Superman in Infinite Craft. Moreover, learn what else can you make using him as an ingredient.

Here’s How To Make Superman In Infinite Craft

Combine Human and Metropolis to get Superman
Mixing a Human and Metropolis to get Superman in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To make Superman in Infinite Craft, you must combine Human and Metropolis.

Below, we will mention the fastest and easiest combination to make a Human, Metropolis, and eventually, Superman.

  • Recipe for Making a Human
    • Combine Earth + Wind to get Dust
    • Combine Dust + Wind to get a Sandstorm
    • Combine Dust + Earth to get Planet
    • Combine Planet + Sandstorm to get Mars
    • Combine Earth + Mars to get Life
    • Combine Life + Dust to get Human
  • Recipe for Making Metropolis
    • Combine Human + Human to get a Family
    • Combine Family + Family to get a Village
    • Combine Village + Village to get a Town
    • Combine Town + Town to get a City
    • Combine City + City to get Metropolis

Now, combine Human + Metropolis to get Superman in Infinite Craft. There’s an alternative way to make Superman which includes the fusion of Batman and Human. I am sure there will be plenty of other combinations to make Superman. Also, there are plenty of combinations to try alongside Superman. For example, if you combine Superman with Batman, you will get the Justice League. Similarly, you can fuse Superman with any other ingredient and find out what it makes.

What to Make Using Superman in Infinite Craft

  • Superman + Water = Aquaman
  • Superman + Fire = Heat Vision
  • Superman + Heat Vision = Laser Eyes
  • Superman + Earth = Kryptonite
  • Superman + Kryptonite = Dead
  • Superman + Dead = Doomsday
  • Superman + Incense = Wonder Woman
  • Superman + Wonder Woman = Superbaby
  • Superman + Superbaby = Superboy
  • Superman + Fairy = Superwoman
  • Superman + Music = Rockman
  • Superman + Zeus = Hercules
  • Superman + Minecraft = Superman 64
  • Superman + Cold = Ice Man
  • Superman + China = Bruce Lee
  • Superman + Russia = Putin
  • Superman + Book = Clark Kent

Remember, these are just a few things that you can make using Superman in Infinite Craft. To get more products, keep exploring the combinations.

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