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How to Make Concrete In Minecraft

Check out our guide on how to make Concrete blocks using Concrete powder in Minecraft.

Minecraft features a plethora of items and materials across different biomes in Minecraft. If you are looking to decorate or build a house, you might need to get your hands on colored Concrete blocks. But speaking of Concrete, you cannot find or craft them directly. While the process can be a bit time-consuming, it is pretty easy to make this material. So, check out our guide on how to make Concrete in Minecraft.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

You can make the Concrete by crafting the Concrete Powder and adding water to turn it into solid blocks. But you need to get your hands on some resources to craft the Concrete Powder.

How to Craft Concrete Powder

Mentioned below are all the materials to craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft:

  • 4 Gravel Blocks
  • 4 Sand Blocks
  • 1 Colored Dye (According to your preference)
how to make concrete minecraft
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The crafting recipe for the Concrete Powder is shapeless. So, you can input these materials in any order you want. You can get the Sand blocks from a wide range of different island or desert biomes. Speaking of the Gravel blocks, head over to the Gravel Mountains. You can find these materials in abundance around the Gravel Mountains. Lastly, there are different ways to obtain or craft the Colored Dyes in Minecraft. You can hunt down skeletons or get your hands on flowers to obtain Colored Dyes.

In total, there are 16 colored Dyes and different ways of obtaining them. So, here are all the color options you can get with all Colored Dyes:

  • Red Dye
  • Orange Dye
  • Green Dye
  • Yellow Dye
  • Lime Dye
  • Cyan Dye
  • Light blue Dye
  • Blue Dye
  • Magenta Dye
  • Purple Dye
  • Pink Dye
  • Brown Dye
  • Black Dye
  • Grey Dye
  • Light grey Dye
  • White Dye

Furthermore, you can also create different colors by combining multiple dyes. Once you put 4 Gravel Blocks, 4 Sand blocks, and a single Colored Dye, you can get 8 pieces of Concrete Powder. Now, coming back to crafting the Concrete blocks.

How to Craft Concrete Block in Minecraft

Follow the below steps:

  • As mentioned earlier, you simply need to add water to the Concrete Powder to make Concrete blocks.
  • You can do so by bringing the Concrete powder in contact with water.
  • For this, you can put it next to the flowing water.
  • Alternatively, you can also pour water from a water bucket onto the pieces of Concrete Powder.
  • As you do so, the pieces of Concrete Powder will turn into Concrete Blocks.
  • Now, you simply need to use the Pickaxe to mine and break them down.
  • Lastly, pick up the Concrete Blocks to get them in your inventory.

If you have a preferred choice of colored Concrete Blocks, we suggest putting them in the Concrete Powder crafting recipe. Once you have crafted the Colored pieces of Concrete Powder, you cannot alter its color. So, make sure to use the right colors.

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