Best Chestplate Enchantments In Minecraft

Take a look at the best Chestplate enchantments to use in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, various dangerous creatures serve the only purpose to knock you down at any cost. So in this situation, make sure your armor is upgraded and good enough to help you survive. The Chestplate also plays a huge role in your protection from mobs, zombies, and more. You can always equip enchantments to it to make it better than before. As there are several enchantments available in the game, it makes the player wonder which one to go with. If you are struggling with the same question, then we’ll help you figure it out. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the search for you and mentioned the Best Chestplate Enchantments to use in Minecraft.

Which are the Best Chestplate Enchantments in Minecraft?

Which are the Best Chestplate Enchantments in Minecraft

For good protection and durability Mending, Fire Protection, & Unbreaking are the best Chestplate enchantments to use in Minecraft. As you can equip only one of them at a time, the decision is your to make. However, it can surely differ according to players’ requirements. So if you are currently exploring the Nether, then Fire protection is the one for you. If you encounter enemies quite often, then Mending & Unbreaking enchantments will surely keep you and your Chestplate safe. For better understanding, let’s take a look at the details of the mentioned Chestplate enchantments.

Mending –  Best Minecraft Chestplate Enchantment

Mending enchantment focuses on repairing the armor piece throughout the game. However every time it fixes your Chestplate it’ll cost you some of your XP orbs. So make sure you collect as much XP as you can to maintain the durability of your armor piece. As a downside, you can’t get Mending using the Enchantment table. And is only obtainable via Treasure or trade with the Librarians.

Fire Protection

If fire or lava is your weakness then don’t think twice before equipping Fire Protection. As it protects you from fire damage, exploring the Nether biome should not be an issue. In order to obtain it all you have to do is craft it using the Enchantment table.


Unbreaking is also one of the best Chestplate enchantments in the game when it comes to durability. This enchantment increases the durability of the armor piece and makes it last longer. So if you come across some Skeletons, then their arrow will not do that much damage to you and your Chestplate. However similar to Mending it can only be obtained through Treasures or Librarian’s trade.

If you are still unsure about the one you should pick, then simply use Protection Enchantment and you’ll be good to go. These were all the best Chestplate Enchantments you can use in Minecraft. While you are here check out the best Helmet & Leggings enchantment in the game. For more tips & tricks check out other Video game guides.