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Minecraft: Best Leggings Enchantments

Learn about the Best Leggings Enchantments in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an amazing Sandbox game with Survival aspects. Along with making Monumental Builds or Cutesie Towns, players can make Survival Worlds and try and beat the Enemies & Bosses. To defeat said Enemies & Bosses, you will need to have the best Gear possible. Now, having Armor is the obvious go-to but we need to make them even stronger by applying Enchantments. Enchantments are unique properties applied by Minecraft’s Magic to Gear which grants the piece various properties. In this guide, I will show you the Best Leggings Enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Leggings Enchantments in Minecraft


best leggings enchantments minecraft

In Minecraft, the Leggings Armor piece can have 7 Enchantments at a time with 4 different variants. The Best Enchantments for the Leggings are:

  • Protection IV
  • Unbreaking III
  • Thorns III
  • Mending
  • Swift Sneak III


Leggings can also have Fire Protection IV, Projectile Protection IV, & Blast Protection IV as well. They protect the player better than Protection IV but only for the mentioned damage type like Fire & Projectile. On top of that, all 4 Protection type Enchantments are mutually exclusive from each other. Unbreaking is a must-have on any Item as it reduces the amount of durability consumed by the Item. Thorns is a good defensive Enchantment that deals damage to enemies but consumes more durability. Unbreaking can help mitigate the extra consumption.

Mending is useful for repairing the Leggings & Swift Sneak is good for more movement while sneaking. The other 2 Enchantments which I haven’t listed here are Curse of Binding & Curse of Vanishing. For self-use, these are not the best Enchantments to have. Thorns & Swift Sneak are the only Enchantments in the list that can only be applied to a Legging through an Anvil. You can apply the other three through any means.

So, if you want the Best Leggings then get a Netherite Legging & apply the above Enchantments. This was all about the best Leggings Enchantments in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Minecraft Armorer Villager Guide.