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How To Make Light Blue Dye In Minecraft

Here is how to make Light Blue Dye in Minecraft.

Minecraft can sometimes look bland using the same blocks like Stone, Dirt, Diorite, and such. But there is a way to spice up your color palette by adding some dyes to your Build. Tinted Glass, Colored Concrete, and so on can make your Build more homely. Today we will see how to make light blue Dye in Minecraft.

How to Get Light Blue Dye in Minecraft

There are two ways to create Light Blue Dye in Minecraft – from Flowers and from other Dyes. Let’s look at both methods.

light blue dye

Making Light Blue Dye from Flowers

To make Dyes in Minecraft, you usually will need flowers. Crafting Light Blue Dye, you need to find the Blue Orchid Flower. You can obtain Blue Orchid Flower in the Swamp Biome. You can find them on the surface. In addition to that, you can Bone Meal the area to get Blue Orchid Flower faster. Blue Orchids are the dominant flowers in the biome, so they should be easy to find. Once you have the Blue Orchid Flower, just put it in the Crafting Bench (Crafting Table) and get Light Blue Dye. The ratio of Blue Orchids to Light Blue Dye is 1:1, One Blue Orchid for One Light Blue Dye. You Can also Obtain Light Blue Dye by trading with the Wandering Trader Mob in Minecraft.

Creating Light Blue Dye from Other Dyes

In Minecraft, you can combine Dyes to make another color of Dyes. To craft Light Blue Dye, you will need Blue Dye and White Dye. It’s as simple as that. Blue Dye can be Crafted from Cornflowers which are found in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forests, and Mountain Meadows Biomes. It can be Bone Mealed. Blue Dye can also be crafted from Lapis Lazuli.

White Dye can be crafted from Lily of the Valley Flower which is found in the Forests, Birch Forests, Dark Forests, and Flower Forests. The Lily of the Valley Flower can only be Bone Mealed in the Flower Forests Biome while it is found as a generated Flower in the other biomes mentioned. Another way to get White Dye is to craft from, well, Bone Meal. Once you have Both Dyes you can craft Light Blue Dye by combining Blue Dye and White Dye in the ratio 1:1:2. One of Blue and White Dyes to get Two Light Blue Dye.

Now you can create Light Blue Dyed articles to brighten up your Leather Armor or decorate your Builds. Now go and Vanquish the Ender Dragon with your new drip. Also do check out our other guides like the Best Enchantments for your Swords and the Best Bow Enchantments.