How To Easily Get Titanium In Dyson Sphere Program

Can't find Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program? Make sure to check this out to get all the information about mining and farming titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program is an important resource without which you won’t be able to unlock interstellar logistics systems in the game. This can be a huge problem as getting your factory production to an intergalactic state is the aim of the game. If you want to know how to get Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program, read the rest of this guide.

How To Get Titanium In Dyson Sphere Program

dyson sphere program titaniumYou will require stone to mine Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program, once you have a found stone you will need to set up a mining outpost and then start harvesting the planet, but there’s a problem. Not every starting planet that you go to will have stones that can give titanium, this can seem scary as you need it for the Interstellar logistics system, you can always just complete the research part.

This will allow you to visit other planets and you will then be able to mine as much you want. Once you start mining stones, you will get titanium and steel in Dyson Sphere Program.

Getting a large amount of Titanium and steel early on in the game will assure that there aren’t any roadblocks. It is best to find it on your starting planet, otherwise, things start to get a bit hectic and you will need to prioritize other things.

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Dyson Sphere Program’s entire premise is to start production and take to the intergalactic state and for this exact reason, things like Titanium and Steel are going to be very vital. Knowing how to farm Titanium will help you set up more machines and automate the process.

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