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How To Get The Hospital Key In Little Nightmares 2

Wondering where to find the Hospital Key? Follow this guide to get the Key.

Little Nightmares 2 is a puzzle-based horror game. Each level has its own nuances and challenges. One such is the Hospital level, where players have to find the Hospital Key. As you battle through the desolate backgrounds with the creepy soundtrack keeping you company, the Hospital level actually gives you an insight as to what would happen if we ever faced a global pandemic. Oh. Well, to stay safe follow this guide to find where the Hospital key is in Little Nightmares 2.

How To Find The Hospital Key In Little Nightmares 2?


Where to find the Hospital Key in Little Nightmares 2
Follow this guide to know where to get the Hospital Key in Little Nightmares 2. 

The Hospital Level is a really creepy level in the game. The scenes are quite morbid and the low lighting doesn’t help whatsoever. Anyone would want to get out of this level as soon as possible because of the scenario. When you reach the Hospital you will have to tune the transmission which will teleport you to another room.

In this new area, you will have to find the Key to unlock the door upstairs. You have to walk all the way to the X-Ray room which is to the right and keep going in that general direction.


The Key in the Toys

Once you enter the room you have to look around until you see the X-Rays put up on the wall. On the wall, you will notice the X-Ray of a stuffed animal. The X-Ray indicates that the Stuffed Animal has eaten a key at some point.

You will see two stuffed animals over there. We suggest using the facilities at your disposal and X-Raying both these toys in the X-Ray machine. Now that you have figured out which toy has the key, take it out of the room and into the freight elevator. You will reach the floor where the incinerator is located.


All that remains between you and the key now is the toy and you just have to throw the toy into the incinerator. Once you have thrown the toy inside flip the switch and let it burn. Once it’s dust all you have to do is go in and collect the key, after you have turned the incinerator off. Now you can go back to the door upstairs and unlock it. You can continue with the next level now.

This was everything you had to know about how to get the Hospital Key in Little Nightmares 2. Also, have a look at how to change hats or how to destroy obstacles.