How to destroy Barriers and Obstacles in Little Nightmares 2

Stuck in Little Nightmares II? Here’s a guide about how to destroy Barriers and Obstacles.

Little Nightmares II has picked up from where the first game left off and boy oh boy has it become better. That is if becoming spookier is a condition for becoming better. The scare-a-minute game offers some much crisp graphics along with a riveting tale. You will find many obstacles when you run through the creepy environments and this guide tells you all you need to know about how to destroy Barriers and Obstacles in Little Nightmares II which is available across various devices.

How to destroy Barriers and Obstacles

Destroy Obstacles and Barriers in Little Nightmares 2
Follow this guide to break and destroy Barriers and Obstacles.

While running in the game you will come across certain obstacles and intrusions that you might not be able to get through or jump through. In such a situation you will require to use some persuasion in the form of hurling something at the obstacle in question. While you won’t have a gun in your hand you can still shout out “Say hello to my little friend” in your best Al Pacino voice. The common objects that you will need to break are usually glass windows or sketchy photo frames that are hiding a hole in the wall. Here are some instructions on how to do just that.

To pick up an object you will have to click R2. Now some objects need to have something thrown at them to get them out of the way while some need to be attacked with an object to clear it out of your path. You need to keep pressing R2 while dragging or pushing the object you are going to use.

Now to throw something you will need to click on X or A whereas you click Y when you have to attack something with the object you’re carrying. It is possible to misjudge your aim and at times it might take a few attempts for you to get through an obstacle.

This is handy information as the later stages do get tougher and you will have to think smarter as you go on to escape the eerie environment. With all that said that was everything about how to destroy obstacles and barriers in Little Nightmares II. Check out some of our other video game guides while you are here on this page.