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Where To Find A Pet Cat In Cyberpunk 2077

Where to find your own pet cat in CP2077? Know the location & how to get cat food in this guide.

Among all the different things you can find and collect in the game, there’s also the secret Pet Cat in Cyberpunk 2077. Where to find this pet cat, you ask? We’ll show you how exactly you can discover this cat with the help of cat food. Check out this guide on how to get a pet cat in CP2077 till the end.

How to Get a Pet Cat in Cyberpunk 2077?


Follow these steps to get the secret pet cat location in CP 2077:

  • Go to V’s apartment in Watson by fast traveling to Megabuilding H10: Atrium.
  • When you are there, leave the apartment and go to the left until you reach the end of the passage.



  • You will see a bin where there’s a shard that says ‘feed teh cat’
  • The message is ‘Somebody feed the cat. Anything works but he likes chicken most. Just say pspspsps and he’ll come running’


How to Get Cat Food in Cyberpunk 2077 (Location)


  • To get the pet cat, you need to find Cat food in CP2077 first.
  • You can obtain it as a random drop but to speed things up, you can get it from the Arasaka Warehouse in the Arasaka Industrial Park.
  • If you have looted corpses or containers, you may have cat food in your inventory already.
  • Now go back to the location where you got the data card and put the cat food in the bowl by interacting with it.


  • You can go to the apartment and check back here later.
  • When you come here afterwards, you will see that a cat has arrived and is eating the food.
  • All you have to do now is pick the cat up and that’s how you can get a pet cat in Cyberpunk 2077.


Apart from this, you can even pet stray cats that you will find in alleyways of some Ripperdoc’s shops. But with this method, you can get one of your own which is perfect if you are feeling lonely in the game and your romances aren’t working out.

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