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Here is How to Find Best Ripperdoc Upgrades in Cyberpunk 2077

Shortlisted must have cyberware to become unbeatable in CP2077.

Are you struggling to find the best Ripperdoc Upgrades in CP2077? Upgrades that can unlock 100% Health, RAM Slots, Reduces Cooldown, Boost Damage, Increase Resistance, etc. I am going to share with you the exact location of the best Ripperdoc Upgrades you can find in CP2077. Mark my words by unlocking these upgrades you will be way much stronger than what you are now. CP2077 character mechanism is complex, its extensive and put in the dilemma of what to buy and what to ignore. Let’s start with hunting the best Ripperdoc Upgrades for V in Cyberpunk 2077.

Best Health Booster Ripperdoc Upgrades in CP2077

Health Booster Cyberware upgrades amplify or restore health during combat. It is one of the most important upgrades to look on priority.

1. Second Heart: Restore 100% Health.

Second Heart is the best health booster cyberwar to unlock in Cyberpunk 2077. It can restore 100% of your health when the health falls to 0.

  • Location: Wellsprings, Heywood
  • Cost: 42,000 ED
  • Requirement: 16 Body
  • Cooldown: 120sec

2. Biomonitor: Restore 100% Health.

Biomonitor is a Circulatory System Cyberware Upgrade. Unlocking this one gives you the power to restore 100% health instantly when only 15% of Health is left. A powerful upgrade you cannot miss in Cyberpunk 2077. Here is how to find Biomonitor in CP2077.

  • Location: Badlands, Night City Outskirts
  • Cost: 42,000 ED
  • Requirement: 18 Body
  • Cooldown: 120sec

3. Blood Pump: Restore 90% Health.

Blood Pump can instantly restore around 90% of max health. Another strong upgrade to boost health during combat, it does not come with a requirement like Biomonitor. You can just use this upgrade to instantly restore health.

  • Location: Badlands, Night City Outskirts
  • Cost: 35,000 ED
  • Requirement: 16 Body
  • Cooldown: 180sec

4. Synaptic Signal Optimizer: Increase Health by 60%.

Synaptic Signal Optimizer is a Skeleton Cyberware upgrade. It unlocks 60% more health offering you a long time to stay in the combat.

  • Location: Charter Hill, Westbrook (Nina Kravitz)
  • Cost: 28,000 ED
  • Requirement: 20 Body

Best Damage Booster Ripperdoc Upgrades in CP2077

Damage makes killing enemies easy. Damage booster upgrades play a vital role during boss battles or when dealing with tougher enemies. Here are some of the best ripperdoc upgrades you can use to unlock damage in Cyberpunk 2077.

1. Pain Editor – -10% Incoming Damage

A simple upgrade that reduces incoming damage by 10%.

  • Location: Japantown, Westbrook (Finn Gerstatt)
  • Cost: 28,000 ED
  • Requirement: 16 Cool

2. Microgenerator  – Destroys 50% of enemies’ health via Electroshock.

Microgenerator auto-triggers then your health drops to 15%. It releases electroshock that reduces 50% of enemies’ health in a sec by applying shock. Combination f Biometer with Microgenerator is the best thing in CP2077.

  • Location: Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo
  • Cost: 7,000 ED
  • Requirement: 16 Technical Ability

3. Dynalar Sandevistan MK 4 – +15% Damage or Crit when activated.

This damage booster ripperdoc upgrade reduces time by 25% for 16 seconds. During this period damage and critical hit chances are increased by 15%.

  • Location: Little China, Watson (Viktor Vector)
  • Cost: 35,000 ED
  • Requirement: 15 Reflex
  • Cooldown: 30sec

Best Weapon Damage Booster Ripperdoc Upgrades in CP2077

You can boost weapon damage using upgrades in the game. But finding the right one is a tough task. Here is the list of best weapon ripperdoc upgrades to find first in Cyberpunk 2077.

1. Projectile Launch System – Shoot projectiles that cause high damage.

Add some explosives to your armor, this one is a costly upgrade. But if you found one then boss fights will be a piece of cake.

  • Location: Wellsprings, Heywood, Downtown, City Center, and random loot.
  • Cost: 100,250 ED
  • Requirement: 45 Street Cred

2. Gorilla Arms – 147 to 180 Damage. +61 to 74 Physical damage and more.

Gorilla Arms boost regular damage, physical damage, attack speed, and bleeding chance. Using this upgrade you can get damage between 147 to 180. +61-74 Physical damage, 2.50 Attack speed, and +20% bleeding chance.

  • Location: Wellsprings, Heywood, Downtown, City Center, and random loot.
  • Cost: 100,250 ED
  • Requirement: 45 Street Cred

3. Monowire  – 214 to 262 Damage. +88 to 108 Physical damage and more.

This upgrade provides a much higher amount of damage, a little tough to find it can offer you 214-262 damage. +88-108 physical damage. 2.50 attack speed and +20% bleeding chance.

  • Location: Wellsprings, Heywood, Downtown, City Center, and random loot.
  • Cost: 100,250 ED
  • Requirement: 45 Street Cred

4. Biodyne Berserk MK 4 – Reduce Weapon Recoil, Boost Melee Damage, etc.

Biodyne Berserk MK 4 boosts multiple damages, it is a kind of upgrade that will help you in Cyberpunk 2077. It boosts the following stats for 5 seconds. During the active time, you get 4% health on defeating every enemy.

  • -25% Weapon Recoil
  • +25% Melee Damage
  • +5% Resistances
  • +5% Armor
  • +20% Ranged Damage attack
  • Location: Japantown, Westbrook
  • Cost: 35,000 ED
  • Requirement: 16 Body
  • Cooldown – 30sec

I am scanning out the more best Ripperdoc Upgrades in Cyberpunk 2077. Stay tuned for more updates coming up soon till then you can scan our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide for the latest tips and tricks on this game. Also if you want to know more about Best Cyberware in C2077 then hit the link.