How To Catch Feathers In ACNH Festivale Event

Here's how to get Feathers in Animal Crossing New Horizons and get rewards during the Festivale event.

The Festivale event in Animal Crossing New Horizons is happening on February 15th and that’s the time your island will have carnival vibes. The collectibles that are special to this event are Feathers in ACNH. So, in this quick guide, we will explain how to get Feathers in Animal Crossing New Horizons and the colors they will be available in.

How to Catch Feathers in ACNH (Festivale Event)

how to get Feathers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

During Festivale, you can collect Feathers floating on your island using your Net. They will appear during the event so make sure to have your net equipped. Press A and your character will swing the net in front of them and if you timed it right, you will get the feather. Once you do that, it will be added to your inventory. Don’t have a net? Well, you can craft a Flimsy Net with 5 Tree Branches. Easy peasy!

Is there another way to get Feathers in ACNH apart from using the Net? From what is known, you can only use the Net to catch them like you do for Snowflakes and Cherry Blossom Petals. But luckily, the Feathers won’t vanish. They won’t be rare to find on the island during the event so you can go ahead and keep swinging your net. But the Rainbow Feather will be very rare compared to the other colors of Red, Blue, Green and Purple.

You can talk to villagers while the Festivale event is on to get some more feathers or even to trade the ones you don’t want. The color that they are wearing will determine the color of the feather they have.

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Rainbow Feathers in ACNH

You can craft a Rainbow Feather by using 1 feather of red, blue, green and purple. So if you are unable to find one floating nearby, simply go ahead and craft it. You will get the Rainbow Feather DIY crafting recipe from Pave.

Rewards for Catching Feathers

The feathers that you get during the Festivale event can be used to for multiple purposes:

  • Players can wear a Feather as a cute accessory.
  • You can trade 3 Feathers of one color or even a Rainbow Feather to get an item from the Festival Set furniture. Pave will give it to you.
  • You can also give 3 Rainbow feathers to Pave to get the Festivale Float in ACNH.
  • Lastly, you can sell Feathers to Timmy and Tommy to make some Bells.

Where to find Pavé

He will be present at the Plaza wearing a colorful outfit so he will certainly catch your eye. Plus, his moves are going to get your attention as well.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Feathers in ACNH and more about Pavé. Don’t forget to check out our list of Festivale Items. This will surely make your island look even more amazing.