How To Get Festivale Items In ACNH

Here are the new Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale items that you can buy to celebrate the event on Feb 15.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale event takes place on February 15th and as it is with other celebratory events, there are new items to snag in this one too. In this guide, you will find out how to get Festivale items in ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons) easily.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale Items

How To Get Festivale Items In ACNH

Here’s how to get all Festivale items in ACNH. You can buy these furniture items from February 1 till February 15 and prepare for the Festivale event that will happen on Feb 15 which is a day before Mardi Gras. It’s a time-locked event so that means you cannot time travel beforehand to know what happens on that day.

ACNH Festivale Item List

Keeping with the theme of the Festivale event, these are the items you can purchase for Bells from the Nook’s Cranny and set the tone for celebration.

  • Festivale Drum: 2100 Bells
  • Confetti Canon: 5000 Bells
  • Festivale Parasol: 2500 Bells
  • Balloon Lamp: 4000 Bells
  • Festivale Flag Stand: 1300 Bells
  • Lantern: 1500 Bells
  • Festivale Stage: 6000 Bells
  • Stall: 3000 Bells
  • Festivale Garland: 4000 Bells

These Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale Items will be available in blue, purple and green but there will be only one color on your island. So, if you feel like you need a different color variation, you can trade with your friends or go to their islands to purchase from their Nook’s Cranny.

where is pave festivale

Lastly, the main character for this event is Pavé, who is the host. He will surely have some tasks (like gathering feathers) for you that he will reward you for.

This is all that’s known about the Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale items. February is going to be a fun month in the world of ACNH and we’ll be covering all of it on Gamer Tweak. You will even get Valentine’s Day seasonal items you can use to make your island look super cute. There’s also the Setsubun Festival items. This celebrates the start of spring and you will get some unique items and clothes during this time.