How To Get Dragon Crystals in Mortal Kombat 1?

Dragon Crystals are premium currency in MK1 and here is everything about Dragon Crystals, how they work, and how to earn them?

What are Dragon Krystals in MK1? Mortal Kombat 1 is out with tons of new things to discover. The game will definitely borrow some of the core features from its predecessors but with new challenges. One of them is earning the premium Dragon Krystals to unlock amazing gears and skins. This guide will help you with tips on how to earn Dragon Krystals, how to use them, and with that how to earn other currencies like Koins, Krowns, and Seasons Credits in MK1.

How To Get Dragon Crystals?

MK1 Dragon Krystals

Dragon Crystals is a kind of premium in-game currency in Mortal Kombat 1. They can bought for real money or while buying the game. If you are ordering this game from the PS Store, here are the Dragon Krystals you can buy.

  • MK1 500 Dragon Kyrstals – $4.99
  • MK1 1250 Dragon Kyrstals – $9.99
  • MK1 2700 Dragon Kyrstals – $19.99
  • MK1 5900 Dragon Kyrstals – $39.99

Where are Dragon Krystals used?

MK1 Dragon Krystals are used to buy in-game cosmetic items. There is no impact on the gameplay or on the game progression. It is purely reserved for the customization part. Here is the list of things you can buy using Dragon Krystals.

  1. Skins – (Read: How to unlock Skins MK1)
  2. Palettes
  3. Gears

Dragon Krystals are not the only single currency in Mortal Kombat 1. There are three more currencies that are used to buy Skin, Palettes, Gears, and more. They are Koins, Season Kredits, and Krowns. MK1 coins are the most common currency you will see in the store. Below are some tips on how to make money in MK1.

How to get Koins, Krowns and Kredits in MK1?

Koins are rewarded for each battle you win, it is the base income or in simple words the base rewards players will earn after every match. Koins are rewarded for the following objectives in MK1.

  1. Complete Tutorials.
  2. Play Daily Challenges.
  3. Win matches to climb up the ladder.
  4. Win Online Matches.
  5. Win Battles.
  6. Locate Chest in Invasion Mode.

How To Get Coins In MK1 (Gold Koins & Silver Seasonal Kredits)

Win matches in MK1 Invasion Mode to earn 50 Krowns. They can used to buy consumables, upgrades, etc. Seasonal Credits are exclusive to seasonal challenges. You will have to visit the store and check out what new skins or gears are available for your characters. Season Credits are rewarded by winning matches in all three game modes. That is regular matches, online matches, and Invasion modes. Also, play daily and weekly challenges to earn more rewards in MK1.

Players can purchase Dragon Krystals against real-world money. This will help them to unlock unique skins, gears, etc. that have no impact on the character attributes or gameplay.  Hope this guide was able to help you to figure out how Dragon Krystals works in Mortal Kombat 1. For help check the MK1 guide link.