How To Easily Use The DualSense PS5 Controller On PS4

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Are you wondering how to use a DualSense PS5 controller on your PS4? Do you wish to see how this brand new controller feels when you play older games with it, but aren’t getting any answers? Well, your search stops here as we have all the answers you’re looking for down below.

How To Connect The DualSense PS5 Controller On PS4

To everyone who had their hopes up, you cannot use your DualSense PS5 controller on your PS4. Sony has been adamant about PS4 not being able to use the new technology in their previous consoles. You can however plug in your DualSense PS5 controller to your PS4 and just charge it. Any buttons that you press, the console won’t recognize it. Your console however will show that you’re using a wireless controller but won’t be able to use it.

How To Use The DualSense PS5 Controller On PS4

Funnily enough, the DualSense controller can be used with a PS3 and play games but there’s a way where you can actually use the new controller on your PS4, this does however need another PC or a laptop on your part.

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You will require to install the PS4 Remote Play App on your PC and then connect the DualSense PS5 controller using a USB wire or via Bluetooth.

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The DualSense PS5 works perfectly when connected to your PC as the required drivers can be installed immediately and you can then continue to play your PS4 games using a PC or a Laptop. This is all there is to know about how to use the new controller easily.

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