PS5 Firmware Update 20.02-2.26.00 Available for Download Now

Sony has released the PS5 firmware update 20.02-02.26.00. It is again 886 MB in size and makes unspecified changes. The changelog only indicates an improvement in system performance.

Sony has released a new firmware update for the PS5. It has a size of approximately 900 MB and raises the system to version 20.02-2.26.00. Specific details of the improvements and bug fixes were initially not given. The official changelog consists of a single line that reads: “This system software update improves system performance.”

If you want to manually initiate the installation of the PS5 system update 20.02-02.26.00, you can work through the following steps:

Go to Settings> System> System software> Update and settings of the system software> System software update. Once there, choose between “Update via Internet” or “Update from USB drive”.

If you prefer the installation via a USB drive, you will have to download the PS5 firmware manually first. Sony has summarized further details on this page.

As mentioned, it is not quite clear what will change with the new firmware update. However, numerous problems have been reported in the past few days that can be remedied with such system updates. Even the PS5 firmware update released last week was not able to solve major problems.

Sony doesn’t just want to fix bugs with system updates. There will also be new features on the console in the coming weeks and months. These include 8K support, support from VRR, the option of memory expansion and other functions that will initially shine because of their absence.

The PS5 is available now globally.