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Fiegmund Boss Fight: How to Defeat Fiegmund in Trials of Mana Remake

Giant Sea Monster Fight Tips

Fiegmund is a huge sea monster in Trials of Mana Remake, one of the bosses that you will encounter during the main missions of the game. Similar to other bosses like Fullmetal Hugger, Zehnoa Boss and Anise, Fiegmund is not easy to take down. Unless you know well about its strength and weakness. His skills and battle strategy to defeat Fiegmund in Trails of Mana Remake

How to defeat Fiegmund Boss in Trails of Mana Remake?


Fiegmund represents the water element in Trails of Mana Remake. It looks like a giant sea creature, you will find this boss in Labyrinth of Ice. Attack the face, body, or tail. Weak to fire, you can attack the body parts to get max damage. To learn more here are the abilities of this boss which he will use regularly against your team in the battle zone.

  • Snowflakes Fly: Regular one hit attack.
  • Tongue: Regular one hit attack.
  • Mind Up – Magic Attack and Defense.
  • Ice Smash – Weakest water magic.
  • Mega Splash – A moderate attack where the boss shoot water elemental magic from front.
  • Cold Blaze – Strongest water elemental magic that can freeze.
  • Icicle – Shoots Icicles by clinging to a wall towards the slippery floor.
  • Ice Cradle – Water Elemental magic attack in a specific radius.
  • Dive – Detaches from wall and pounce on the enemy.

Remember the following abilities and you will know when to dodge away. Within some time you can learn his attack patterns and plan your combat moves. Fiegmumd uses icicles followed by Ice Cradle for a magic attack. If you can break the icicles before it lands on the floor you can block the next attack. Without the icicles, the boss will fall on the ground and you will get a chance to attack him from close range.


You can use Fire Enchants to beat this boss. Add weapons with fire property to deal more damage and weaken this boss. Also before entering ensure your team has Flame Saber.

After defeating the boss you will earn 18000 EXP and around 5500 Lucre after defeating the Fiegmund  boss in Trails of Mana Remake.