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How To Crouch In Horizon Forbidden West

Want to approach situations stealthily? Here's how to crouch in Horizon Forbidden West.

While Aloy can easily head into a battle with her spear and bow, sometimes stealth is necessary to get intel or items. In such scenarios, you may wonder how to crouch in Horizon Forbidden West and that’s exactly what we will share here.

How to Crouch in Horizon Forbidden West?


To crouch in Horizon Forbidden West, press the Square button on your PS controller. This will help you approach situations without being detected and then you can plan your path to take out the enemies. When you use the Focus Mode combined with crouching, you can take your enemies by surprise without being detected.

Aloy stealth Horizon Forbidden West

If you want to make Aloy more of an infiltrator, then check out the Silent Strike Heal passive boost. This will let you recover health when using it. What you need to do is approach your target undetected. And when you are prompted, press R1 to execute a Silent Strike. Also, consider the Low Profile skill while you are at it. Since Guerrilla Games has reworked stealth mechanics for HFW, you can certainly try this playstyle if you didn’t do so in Zero Dawn. Analyze your opponents’ movements and figure out the best possible tactics to clear them out.


Do note that if you press Square while sprinting, Aloy will “dash” forward by sliding on the ground. In case you’d like to keep sprinting automatically, you need to head into the in-game Settings via the pause menu and toggle Auto Sprint to ON. But if you want to sprint whenever you wish, the control for that is L3.

That’s basically how to crouch in Horizon Forbidden West and a bit more about the stealth mechanics. Also, learn how to fast travel (there are 2 ways to do so), unlock rideable mounts including the flying mount, and the best skills to unlock early. And for more coverage about this game, stay with Gamer Tweak.