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How To Craft Axe In Medieval Dynasty | Stone Axe Crafting

This is how to Craft an Axe (specifically a Stone Axe) in Medieval Dynasty.

This game is all about the Medieval times and of course, it is incomplete without a trusty Axe. Once you learn how to craft an axe in Medieval Dynasty, you will be able to chop trees and collect logs. Remember that you will need a lot of logs in the game hence it is essential to craft a stone axe. If you aren’t sure how to do it, this guide will break it down for you.

How to Craft a Stone Axe in Medieval Dynasty



One of the most basic axes that you can create in the earlier part of the game is the Stone Axe. In order to craft it, you need ten sticks and two stones/rocks. That is pretty much it. With the resources collected, you can open up the crafting wheel by pressing Q. Next, pick the Crafting option and choose Stone Axe. And voila, you will be done with your Stone Axe crafting in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Chop Down Trees to Get Logs


With this tool equipped from the inventory, you can now collect wooden logs by cutting down trees. Do note that you may have to keep swinging the Axe multiple times to get the wooden logs. These logs will come in real handy in various situations – especially during building a house. Having your own home, no matter how simple it is, is important to survive. So the axe really does do big things in this game!

If you are curious to know, here are the steps to build your first home, furnished with a bed to have a  good night’s sleep and a cauldron for a warm meal. It will keep you safe as well as provide a place to keep your belongings.

So, that’s all about how to craft an Axe in Medieval Dynasty. Check out our guides on how to pay taxes and where to buy manure (for farming) in this game, as these things will make your journey much smoother.