Tips to Earn Coins & Pay Taxes in Medieval Dynasty

Taxes are part of the game in the Medieval Dynasty, for each commodity you will have to pay some coin to the king. Here is a guide on Medieval Dynasty Tax System.

Medieval Dynasty unlocks the sandbox of survival on your desktop. It is a game about surviving and with that building a dynasty that can last long and survive. One of the common tasks in the Medieval Dynasty is paying Taxes. Taxes turns to debt if unpaid, so it is best to clear them off whenever possible. If you do not know about paying taxes in the Medieval Dynasty then this guide will clear all your doubts. You can learn about which NPCs to meet to pay taxes, what is the currency to pay tax, and more.

How to pay taxes in Medieval Dynasty?

You will have to pay taxes every spring in the Medieval Dynasty. They are paid in coins and if you are confused about how this mechanism works then keep reading. Taxes are charged on building and using fields. You will have to pay it to the Castellan in the central village of Gostovia. If you failed to pay taxes for this year it will be added as debt to your account. There will be interest charged every year and you will have to pay back this including new taxes. You can check the amount of pending tax in the Management tab of the Medieval Dynasty.

What happens if I do not pay taxes in Medieval Dynasty?

Not paying taxes will damage your Dynasty Reputation in the game. If it crosses -10000 you will be thrown out of the valley and your game is over. If you want to stay and build your dynasty that paying taxes is important. Taxes are a kind of very common expense on your yield. I am going to share some ways to earn coins in the game. It is an open-world game where you can do a lot of things.

How to earn coins in Medieval Dynasty?

You can breed animals and start a small business of animal husbandry. Animals like chickens, geese, pigs, goats, sheep, and cows are common in the Medieval Dynasty. You can breed the animals in open ground, you will have to construct the special building. Find breeders and buy from them. Feed them regularly to increase their population. You can create an animal feed from Bam or purchase it from vendors.

Another way of earning coin in the Medieval Dynasty is farming. You can create a field of max 16×16 in size. Plow it with a hoe and then plant seeds. Bag is the default tool in the Medieval Dynasty that allows you to sow and use a separate type of seeds or manure. You can buy it from the vendor or sew it in Sewing. Cultivation reduces the soil quality, to increase the value of use manure. Pigs can give you manure.

As your status in the village increases, you can do more. There are various activities that can give you enough amount of coins in the Medieval Dynasty. You will have to interact with villagers to unlock a new quest that unlocks new options.

There is still more to learn, you have to understand crop seasons, animal husbandry, resource collections to increase your chances of making more coin in Medieval Dynasty.