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Medieval Dynasty: How To Get Manure & Use It

Wondering how to obtain Manure and how to use it in Medieval Dynasty? Find out here. Learn the Manure locations and its uses in farming.

There are a number of resources you need in this game and Manure in Medieval Dynasty is one of them. Players are curious to know where to find Manure, where is the exact location, and how to use it. Well, look no further, because I will explain it to you in this guide.

How to Get Manure and How to Use it in Medieval Dynasty


The way to obtain manure in Medieval Dynasty is to buy it from villages. You can purchase it from a location that is in the middle of Rolnica and Branica. Check it in the map shown below.


This is the manure location that you can get it from easily. Meet Rajmund, talk to him and you will know that he sells Animal Feed, Meat and Rye grain as well. Apart from this, you can get it in Rolnica where you can buy it from Tomira.


Manure is an essential material that you will need for farming because it will help you grow crops after the first batch is collected.

Once you purchase Manure, you can start the steps of plowing the soil, put seeds, and grow crops. The use of Manure, mainly, is to make the soil fertile enough to get more batches of crops from it.

There is another way to get Manure and that is by buying a cow and feeding it well. But it is a long process which needs a shed first. So, the easier option is to simply buy the manure in the early part of the game.


That is basically everything on how to obtain Manure in Medieval Dynasty and how to use it. Since farming is a recurring activity you will have to do, make sure that you have enough of  it with you at all times.

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